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  • Right then. I’m no longer with three, I’m now with EE. It seems to be working now. I’ve got an airport run tomorrow. I’ll have a chance to test it properly and might as well run the Alfa as I know the route and it’s early in the morning. I sent you a log today using EE as a provider. Yordan
  • Right Then. I tried my sim in a iPhone 8 and it worked. I tried a foreign sim in my phone with 3UK chosen as a roaming network and it worked. I am not sure whether it is Three or Apple? Yordan
  • I'm downloading iOS 14.2 now. I have 11pro on Three. I will report back as soon as I have confirmed whether it worked. Yordan
  • Right Then. Can anyone with the traffic issues disable mydrive in tomtom services and let us know if it helped? Edit: It only worked for a bit…..oh well!
  • Right then. I'm in Kent, UK. The 4G works just fine it is just the live updates don't work on 4G. Funny enough AMIGO works on 4G. Three are sending me a replacement sim too.
  • Right then! I've tried a foreign sim in my phone. And guess what it worked on every single network including on three. Back with my own sim with wifi off and the mast right on top of my head. It seems to load traffic but would not show speed cams. I think if I started driving it would stop as soon as I connect to a…
  • I have done it. It didn't work. Yes, I have. I don't mid if I tried.
  • I don't mind doing it. Yordan
  • I have tried everything but the factory reset. I was on the phone with apple support and the diagnostic they run came back as normal, so the phone works as it should. I am about to do a factory reset and as apple suggested to set it up as a new phone. Will report back in a while. Yordan
  • TomTom go running on iPhone 11. Not connected to CarPlay or connected with personal hotspot. Just the phone running the TomTom go on 3 with unlimited data. It’s works on 3G but not on 4G. Switching back and forward makes the traffic and cams appear and disappear. On 4G it seems to be connected but not pulling data and…
  • Hello everyone! Not only the traffic doesn’t work but the speed cams too. I was playing with the network settings. Strangely enough everything works when I switched to 3G. Network provider is 3 and the pinene is iPhone 11 with the latest updates installed.