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  • @szachowa Had another run with TomTom today (I really don't drive much). The app version is 3.2.12 (4140). Seemed slightly better but still a significant stutter. Apparently there is another upgrade available so I'll install that now that I'm home again.
  • @szachowa happy to do so - but can you tell me how to do this please?
  • @Crusader3020 thanks for that info. If I do this, will updates continue to write to the SD card or am I going to have to follow this farcical process each time? Not a jab at you of course but really, is this the best that TomTom can do?
  • GRRRR. it doesn't work. I uninstalled, rebooted the phone, reinstalled and it all installed to the internal memory again. So still using almost 5GB of internal storage and not any of the 40GB free on the SD card. And don't be fooled by the ability to now move Tomtom to the SD card - this is only the application and does…
  • @paba - Thanks for the clarification. Guess I'm going to have to try the uninstall/reinstall process and see what happens. Wish me luck!
  • @paba Where can I see the notice from TomTom that SD card support is not available on Samsung devices? And why on earth has Tomtom chosen to create some clearly broken system that "decides" where to put maps instead of a simple control that users can toggle? The recent Tomtom updates have been a complete fiasco and someone…
  • Here's a photo of the large blue box taking up a chunk of valuable screen real estate and hiding the coming road layout from the user.
  • @miketorcy It had already downloaded them - this was installing! I eventually gave up and closed and reopened Tomtom GO and it seemed fine so I suspect a bug just leave the message up and the screen frozen :-(.
  • Here's a pic of the new TomTom hiding a huge chunk of my phone screen under a big blue box. Not very helpful and in the UK where road name signs are either tiny or small, completely useless. If the intention was to make driving difficult, you've managed it TomTom :-(.
  • @Jürgen Where is the setting to place maps onto the SD card? Darned if can find it.
  • @lampard I've now got version 2.3 but I cannot find anything that allows me to redirect maps to my SD cards. Even as I speak, 2GB of maps are being downloaded onto my phones internal memory, again! So where is the option I have to set?
  • 2.2.3 release/20.1 (3367). It required a complete reinstall of the app and maps recently (an upgrade!) but still put the maps on the internal memory.