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  • Clearly this is not happening. Should it happen instantly? You say via wifi or via bluetooth, are you saying it won't work via USB? (My PC is wired into my home network - not connected by wifi)
  • thanks
  • One more question, can anyone explain why allowing a personal hotspot and connecting to wifi are mutually exclusive?
  • I got suckered by this. Why has Tomtom not got the site taken down yet?
  • I do take your word for it, but, out of curiosity, can you post a link to the above. I can't see it anywhere. Sorry.
  • So I'll re-phrase the question: Do any current new Tomtom satnavs have map and traffic updates included in the initial purchase for the life of the product ? The sales blurb is not at all clear on this subject. e.g. For the GO Discover, the New Live services (fuel prices, off-street parking, EV POIs)​ is mentioned but with…
  • The chart in your link does not explicitly and unequivocally state that the map and traffic updates are included in the purchase price AND for life. That is what I am asking. "lifetime" is never mentioned and the only time "updates" are mentioned is where it says updates are available via wifi.
  • Thanks for the patch. (Am I the only person still using the Go 1000 live and paying for traffic?) OK. now I've installed the menu patch, the unit has reset with "me and my device" menu item present. The data sharing connection is now enabled (by default?). I have entered a destination and now have the "Traffic" bar down…
  • In case I was not clear, I still need instructions on how to get re-connected. I have no traffic atm despite having paid for it! - and no phone support!
  • after "Left Cursor once for next page" I get brightness gps status language advanced settings about my device reset factory settings i.e. no "Me and my device" "About my device" gives me lots of info some in chinese + copyright licences done
  • Thanks for the reply. I was able to save favorites and other poi files However, the instructions for sharing information say to go to settings > "Me and my device". I do not have a "Me and my device" menu item under settings. Please advise.