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  • I've noticed that the website mydrive.tomtom.com (so not the app) doesn't work on the iPhone, but DOES work on the iPad. You can browse folders and drives (like GoogleDrive and Apple's similar product). So now, I'll just travel with my iPad in case I want to create routes or upload GPX files.
  • Some feedback regarding MyDrive. The My routes are not displaying the in the menu on Apple Carplay. However, you CAN select a track / route on the phone, and have it displayed on the Apple Carplay screen. Or is it hidden somewhere else? I have had a small testrun and it works well. Even if you skip a marker, it will…
  • Yup! Same here! You cant possibly imagine how happy I am as an avid biker. I'm going to test it with Apple CarPlay upcoming sunday! Thank you SOOOOO much!!!!
  • Thanks for updating us! The waiting game has begun haha.
  • Android has mydrive routes, so you can add your own tracks and routes. The Android Auto function is not enabled yet. iOS has NO mydrive functionality, but does have Apple Carplay functionality. The other functions work pretty much the same. I prefer iOS because of the somewhat sleeker user interface.
  • Yes, I'm curious as well! Has the app been submitted? Or is there still some development going on? Please update us if you can :)
  • Somewhere this year... But all kidding aside. I'm waiting patiently. Till then i've cancelled my subscribtion. And seeing the most recent feedback in the appstore, many more as this is the most requested feature there by now.
  • I'm using REVER. It supports Apple Carplay too. I'm sorry TomTom, but the response regarding synchronizing routes is painfully slow. I've ditched the new TomTom Rider due to connectivity issues. And now the app will follow. I'm not sponsoring the app for features I don't use. I'll come back when the actual feature had been…
  • Same here. Waiting for this feature for over a year now. Every half year TomTom and it's devs are creating a new timespan. Last year it was at the end of the year. And now it's "somewhere" in the upcoming months. Can we get an actual realistic timeline? I'd rather hear end of 2021 as an actual release, than: It will…
  • Sadly, my comment... Wait, sorry, my profile was deleted. ut im back. So could you pease update us with what specific tomtom rider problems are fixed with this update? Since the update is for a big range of devices (not only the rider). Bluetooth problems (TomTom 550 and Cardo Freecom 4) are still not solved (which I made…