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  • Also, bear in mind that 3D buildings are only present in major towns and cities. It could just be that the area you're driving in doesn't have the buildings mapped out (yet?). Regarding the clock, it relies on the route bar being present for it to…
    dans 3D maps on GO 620 Commentaire de dmulv 5 déc.
  • You want to go into Settings -> System and turn off 'Keep journey history on this device for optional features'.
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  • There's definitely something amiss with your account, as all devices come with free speed cameras out of the box - the only difference between them is how long the access to updates lasts for. Go Basic = 3 months Go Essential = 6 months Go Premium …
  • Sounds to me like it's not had a chance to lock on to the GPS yet, which sets the time correctly based upon your location. Leave it outside for a few minutes - it should automagically correct itself.
  • @"Frustrated with Tomtom" - the latest iOS has changed how it handles Bluetooth connections, which is causing problems with the pairings used by the Go. Have you tried carrying out all of the steps listed here?
  • FWIW, after reading various problems with Bluetooth I performed the following steps. Since then my Bluetooth connection has been pretty much solid.* Installed the latest version of the Go's firmware. * Factory reset the device to original settings.…
  • I don't believe any TomTom technician would want to take over your computer. Do you have a company name or website for the people who you've been in contact with?
  • You'll need to update your TomTom's software, then delete/re-pair your phone's Bluetooth connection The updated software was only released yesterday... full details are in the post here.
  • @Totally_Lost_Again - honestly, I really wouldn't worry about the wifi and Bluetooth radios being on. If your primary concern is battery, they both take negligible amounts of battery power whilst on. Both technologies were developed with portable …
  • Interesting... although I think the network scanner is only looking at either SSIDs of available networks, or other devices active within its own network. It's not going to be able to - for example - see devices in other wireless networks, or devic…
  • Yes... although it was more a question of are you identifying wifi activity by looking at how many SSIDs are being advertised with the TomTom on/off/sleeping? If so, then I don't believe that's really telling you if the TomTom's wifi is active or …
  • @YamFazMan - when you say '10 Wi-Fi broadcasts', do you mean 10 SSIDs being advertised? As I understand it, the TomTom won't be advertising itself as an SSID, as it only connects to wifi as a client. I think the only way to determine if the wifi o…
  • Compared to the power consumption of the backlight whilst operating your TomTom, the wifi uses next to nothing. Yes it is constantly on (assuming the device isn't sleeping), but it only sips tiny amounts of power to look for recognised wifi network…
  • That would be compatible with the Go 500/5100/600/6100 (the non-wifi Go models). If you have a newer model with wifi, then you should be able to remove the mount from the ball-joint in order to replace it. Comparison of mounts: non-wifi, wifi-enab…
  • @Asprin - I'm not sure how any of this is helping the original poster? Other than an 'if it's not working then don't use it' message , the only suggestions offered are 'Maybe by removing the app altogether and reinstalling it will help.' and 'Or no…
  • Yes. And no, you can't. :)
  • Interesting... do you have a link for that information @johncrosley ? The only network shutdowns I've seen mentioned is for the 3G network in 2-3 years' time. Which is ironic, as many people here have been complaining about TomTom not upgrading t…
  • A few more to have a word with...* * * * * (that was from a 10 minute Google session)
    dans fake tomtom forum Commentaire de dmulv 6 août
  • I can see both sides to this. With my user hat on, if I'm calculating a long route of, say, 200 miles (which is plausible, even in Blighty), it's entirely possible that there's an incident on a motorway beyond the 100 mile horizon which would neces…