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  • Thanks - good to know that it's not a 'feature'. Probably a hardware fault - that will be fun for my dealer to resolve. I feel quite sorry for them, as they've not been given much in the way of support from Citroën UK, who in turn seemed to have had little support from Citroën HQ in France.
  • Ditto. I downloaded the updates from the French Citoën site, and succesfully installed the latest firmware, but the map update is not recognised. My dealer has downloaded the updates from their maintenance site, so I'll pick that up and try installing that way. By the way (not directly TomTom related as such), does anyone…
  • The SatNav part of the system is by TomTom, but it's included as part of the package along with the Entertainment, Voice Recognition, Phone Integration. I suspect that TomTom is licenced to the company that supplies the whole package to Citroën. It's really down to Citroën to supply the support. However, they do have a…
  • The speed camera database is available in the UK. The dealer should have chosen the option Connect Nav + Danger Zones (or something like that) instead of just Connect Nav - a different contract that you need to pay a small annual fee for.
  • I think that appears if you have a front facing camera as part of one of the higher spec option packs - I think it recognises the speed limit signs at the side of the road (I'm not entirely sure on that one, though).
  • The dealer can either sign you up for the 'free' Connected Services (Traffic delays, car parks, garages, etc) or the paid-for Connected Services with Danger Zones. It's an option on the same place they went to to activate the previous one. It takes a day or so to activate once they've done the contract and activated you…
  • They have to activate it on their system. When they go to activate the Traffic, they have an option activate Traffic and Speedcams. Allthough you get 3 years worth of Traffic status included in the cost of the car, there is a charge for the Speedcam option - I think it's about £60 for 3 years worth of it. I think it's…
  • "simply connect your smart Media-System SD card to your computer". The Peugot/Citroën systems do not have a SD card. Updates are either done over the air (via a wifi or phone internet connection) or maybe put onto a USB stick, plugged into the car USB prot. But who knows - certainly not PSA!
  • I bought a New Citroën C4 Picasso back in November - also part of PSA Group & also with the same Entertainment & SatNav. My TomTom maps are dates April 2016 and I need a firmware update. I also didn't have the Danger Areas activated. My dealer has no idea on how to update either - they only know how to do the old system…
  • Connect Nav will firstly need some connection to the internet. I have put a small 4G/Wifi box in the car for that, but you can use your phone as a Wifi hotspot or connect via Bluetooth. But the main thing is that the dealer MUST activate the Satnav via their back-end system. It should be done by them at the point of sale,…
  • English/UK version of AC_AUDIO_EN.PDF Or in my Dropbox at
  • FlyingMonkey: "Via a desktop, clicked through the Mapcare link, which re-directed me to This page now has the link for the new Connect touchscreen system. It said that no map updates are available, but I could buy a 12 month's (12 downloads) subscription to Citroen Risk Areas for £27." That…
  • I have similar problems - my mappinv version is 966.7352-prod, dated 2016/04/13, purchased mid November. I've got the Satnav working OK, along with TomTom traffic (as opposed to TMC which appeared for the first week and was as good as useless). The Dealer had to activate the Traffic online and should have done it at point…