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  • It has gone away in the past by doing this for me too. But not this time. I've done the soft reset (pressing home button 5 times), made sure my SD card is up to date, but nothing works. Ive got a long journey ahead of me next week and would appreciate it if Tom Tom didn't have software issues (which they do, regularly)
  • Mercedes-Benz in the UK replied to my email and they aren't bothered by it. They say it's Tom Tom's issue. Which it is. But I was hoping that they'd do something! Meanwhile, I and many of us are just left having paid good money for something we can't use.
  • I have today sent an email to smart UK's customer service team to alert them to this problem. I have copied in a link to this very discussion. I don't know if it will do any good, but hopefully someone in Daimler HQ will start to pressure TomTom into sorting this out.
  • Reinstall.... reinstall.... reinstall.... it's the constant advice on here regarding the smart system.... BUT IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! And TomTom are doing NOTHING about fixing this problem.
  • Absolutely none of this works, as has been documented many times over on the thread devoted to this subject - TomTom does not give a flying **** about the smart system. They take the money but that's it. It's been months now since the application has been broken. Meanwhile, my paid subscription to map updates and Live…
  • Just another smart driver here, who logged in today to find the servers busy. Surprised to do a little Google and see it's been going on for two months. To be honest, all contact with TomTom and their customer service is dreadful and painfully slow. I don't think I'll bother updating anymore and just use the free Google…