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  • Thanks I still think this was designed by an idiot but at least you can update maps on this one. On my old model if you updated your map it wiped out all your stored locations.
  • Doug Thanks, I guess I will just have to learn how to spell :-) Thanks again
  • Doug Thanks but now have a "user" question. I have succeeded in downloading the National Trust locations file and it works :-). But, it lists sites by distance from me, not in alphabetical order. That is fine if you know how to spell the …
  • Thanks for this reply. I have now managed to get the GO to talk to my computer and thence to MyDrive web page. All My Places are safely there. I now realise I have made the most basic of errors - I READ THE MANUAL. I now realise this was written fo…
  • If I do a factory reset I presumably lose all the places I have spent hours entering. I can't back them up because it won't talk to the computer !!
  • This video just goes through the same procedure I have been through more times, over the last week, than I can remember. This is the message - we are having trouble accessing tomtom services please try again later If you google this you find endle…
  • No, it does not ask for details and if I look at the details there is no option to input them.
  • I have a 72M 2.4GHz wifi connection. GO basic says I am connected and there is no security. If I connect to wifi with my laptop I have to enter an account number and password to access the internet. TomTom has no option to enter either. So what is …