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  • TomTom are always very slow at fixing problems, remember how many months it took them to fix the app not starting up properly last year. Keeping the customer happy is not one of their strong points
  • Oh great thanks Doug. I had to redo my phone recently and when I reinstalled Tomtom I thought I had put all the maps back. perhaps they should have a "download entire UK" option for thickos like me! Cheers
  • I have already moved on to Apple Maps. Can't be restarting app several times and phone when I'm wanting to drive somewhere
  • Latest update. The app still won't start. Unbelievable. The only app on my phone that won't start. Do TomTom actually have experienced programmers or are they all trainees?
  • Its unbelievable isn't it. Its the only app on my phone that doesn't start without force closing it first. I think Tomtom really should employ some software engineers that actually know what they are doing. An app starting up is such a fundamental part of a successful app
  • Every time. Seriously getting on my nerves. Why does TomTom never get it right.
  • Ios15. Roads are pronounced wrong. Park Road is now Parek Road as just one example. Often have to force quit two or three times for it to load as well.
  • The new version doesn’t load for me either on iPhone or CarPlay. Just says loading app but nothing happens. Force closed app many times but no good. Apple maps to the rescue yet again
  • I have been using Apple Maps since Tomtom became unusable on CarPlay. I have found it to be very useable and have already dumped Tomtom off my phone and will not resubscribe. Tomtom can’t be bothered to fix their faulty software or even reply to comments on this forum.
  • I put on a thread about this about a month ago but nothing has changed. I tried it again today to see if anything has been done but now I just get a black screen- no picture and no sound. I have been trying apple maps and…
  • Thanks for the replies. VikramK This has happened a few times to me now. I visit 3 or 4 addresses every day and if I know where the road I am going to is I generally just enter town name to be quick. 1. Yes I just entered Hitchin as a destination thinking it would take me to roughly the town centre. 2. Can’t recall other…
  • Thanks DougLap
  • I have the 8 plus. The music level doesn’t lower at all for me. Not only are the instructions difficult to understand but as I like the music quite loud the instructions are booming. Maybe I am missing something but I can’t see where to manually enter an address, unless an address is in favourites I have to revert to the…
  • Thanks for the reply. The music level doesn’t lower during announcements for me. I have music on 100% of the time during the ridiculous amount of miles I do each week so it is important to me. Point of interest and contact searching is nowhere near sufficient for me as I have to find new addresses on a regular basis.
  • I have just setup TomTom go with CarPlay. So disappointed!. No traffic bar, no average speed, can’t mute the voice, doesn’t lower the music volume during prompts, can’t search for a destination, no speed camera reporting, what a piece of s..t. I’ve already given up and removed TomTom from my CarPlay menu