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  • Hmm not sure how I did it but kinda got most of it working. I can so calls, but I can do that on my Sena .would have liked the notifications Calls don't work. So will have a think if I'm taking it back. Would have been nice if someone from TomTom support said this is being looked at still.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EogFoLyTFk
  • Ok speed cameras working. No joy with phone. Will post this separately. Needs to be fixed tonight as im going back to the shop tomorrow
  • Can anyone advise the hard reset process. The one from the site does not work
  • Just got home so going to try that tonight as a last ditch attempt.
  • So I got as far as managing content on the rider. Removed large map and installed UK map and removed the speed cameras all of them listed as corrupted. But I still can get speed cameras installed. The firmware release notes say they fixed the phone pairing issue which is still a problem. Is it worth going back to the shop…
  • multiple factor resets still now joy. reset reinstalled connect app and tried a clean up and deleted world map and set to download uk map and its now stuck on 2% logs currently showing this 2021-07-01 23:25:31.007|10|Information|ProxyChannel::processReadyRead|Appending to existing request 2021-07-01…
  • So updated to 2.3, and that's it, I have made my mind to not renew my subscription next month. My route to work is now classed as a motorway. It's not, it's a dual carriageway. I use the avoid motorway option often when on my motorcycle, and at times when I'm in the car. I did want to stay with tomtom and I was going to…
  • Can you please advise on the following Advanced Lane Guidance has become Moving Lane Guidance - what's the difference? Also what is the subscription price difference. I'm asking as my subscription is due to expire on October and at this stage I'm. It sure if I will renew.
  • Same issue for me.
  • Ok so TomTom is anoying the hell out of me with these prompts now. Its bad enougth i was getting them each day i opened TomTom go. Why can it not remember i read it. Now i'm getting app notifications when im not running it :'( Please TomTom support stop the notifications at least for those who have read it. Thanks
  • Hi any chance the previous version can be uploaded to the play store or even better the indash support added to the go application?
  • Which would be fine if the go app would display on my car. Can't understand why spend Dev time to release a new version of the app, break it and then discontinue it.
  • Yes the simple option is rollback and release again when fixed. But considering they are no longer giving us updates I doubt that will be happening
  • Good luck with that it takes them a week to respond I have pointed them to this discussion and the play reviews and they don't know anything.
  • Can we please have an update for this. I just had to purchase an alternative app as I needed something to work with the car. . Either release the fix ,or roll back to the precious version.
  • Happy to beta test this. Accidently updated my phone to android 9.0 this morning and will have to re flash back to 8.0 as 9 does not work well with my car so not worried if it causes any issues. Can I also suggest that when it's updated In the play store that the version number is updated along with some update notes.…
  • I'm unhappy with the fact I logged a ticket finally got an email asking for information I already provided. Also just tried my old android s7 nothing else on it and same error.
  • There are 8 new reviews on the Google play store with people having the same issue. I logged a support ticket but have not yet heard anything back. Come on Tom Tom pull the update and out the old version back on while this issue is sorted.