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  • Thank you all for your consideration in clearing up this mystery. I bought the 1525m as a second GPS for my wife because the interface is similar to my Go 50, which I like very much. For now I plan on manually creating a My Places list for her, …
  • Gentlemen - my Via 1525M does not have any search options in Settings. Is it possible that I have either an older or newer model than the 1525 that you are referring to? On the box, the serial number starts with XR and the model name is 4AA53 - a…
  • Unfortunately there's no 'Search' option from the menu button on my 1525M - the closest options are Drive To and My Places. If I select Favorites from the My Places list or Points of Interest from the Drive To screen, the search functions as you d…
  • YamFazMan - Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, you put a lot of thought into it. I think it's good enough to post as a separate 'How To' tutorial. I agree that the POI search feature is very useful - too bad there isn't a similar s…
  • Yes to all of the above. I ran a test by performing the steps below. Everything appears to be working correctly but I still can't convert Favourites to Places. thank you for your assistance. Test: Uninstalled and reinstalled MyDriveConnect (sa…
  • I have followed your instructions and tried several times. My 1525 has approx. 30 Favorites, but MyDrive is not transferring them individually from the device to MyDrive/My Places. As a result of previous attempts, there is a Favourites.ov2 on my…
  • Thank you very much for the information. The Via 1525 does not have voice control. Regarding the list of instructions, much of the time, if not most, the driver is concentrating on driving and it is not a good idea to start flipping through scre…