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  • @VikramK can you add route directions in MyDrive as a feature request? On a Dutch forum manny people are asking for this. @"René1984" Tip! Add a little more distance to start and finish. Also add an extra stop close to start ore the beginning of a loop to manually show the direction while planning. This way it’s easier to…
  • I did try this. The strange thing is that after tapping the screen it sometimes shows the correct route and other times still the same route. Sorry, due to personal circumstances I am not able to retest this.
  • Dit you use MyRouteApp op Tyre to send a Route to your Rider? I also had this problem after using this option in MRA. Solution delete all routes that have been uploaded with MRA or Tyre using the MyDrive Web version.
  • If you have a 3d printer you can try this;
    dans accessories Commentaire de RoadRider 21 juin
  • Same problem here. @VikramK can you make an internal case why the sync route as track option is not working in the iOS App.
  • Drum reset Full Factory reset -> Settings menu
  • This can happen when you forget to stop recording an turn off the device. Try a drum reset. And if this doesn’t fix it do a full reset.
  • No this is by design. MyDrive only syncs to your Rider. You still need to export using the SD Card.
  • Only GPX Track 2 OV2 is also a available as MAC version.
  • Is it also possible to add full route support. Now you can only sync 20 stops (hard routepoints) The white via’s (soft routepoints) are not supported. Also route preferences are not transferred and you can Anky send stops. We like te option to sync routes as route. (All this information is available in the json file that…
  • GPX Will always become a Track on the Rider. You can use one of the many free converters to convert a GPX route to the ITN format. If you have only 20 route point or less you can also use the “Send Destinations” option in MyDrive. Send ITN Route on my website can do the same with your GPX file up to 21 stops.
  • With 50mbps the almost 9 GB map download takes more than a hour to download. With my 400mbps the full map update is about 30 minutes.
    dans TT 550 update Commentaire de RoadRider 2 juin
  • Try to create your route using This is also an easy to use routeplanner. The Tyre professional version stopped and Tyre is free now but you need your own Google API Key. MyDrive is able to sync the routes as track to your Rider 4x0 or 5x0. The easiest way is to…
  • Yes, that did the trick. Strange because the phone is charging when connected to Android Auto. And the battery was still 85% full.
  • Some headsets can indeed share the navigation instructions over the intercom. So both you and the pillion can hear the instructions. In this case the Rider is only connected to your headset.
  • The Rider 550 uses BlueTooth Smart or BLE. This is part of the BlueTooth 4 specification. For headset use the Rider 400 uses the HSP profile. The Rider 550 can both use the HSP an A2DP Profile. So it looks your headset only support the A2DP profile.
  • Bluetooth tethering Is and works the same as on the Rider 4x0. During paring select the alternative option.
  • Only enable data for traffic. Or even better use BlueTooth Tethering for the phone connection.
  • Apple makes it extremely difficult to downgrade iOS to older versions. Most things will work. Live traffic and MyDrive sync works Navigation instructions works Siri, telephone calls doesn’t work on the Rider. Works on your headset.
  • Step 1 downgrade your iPhone to iOS 12 Then follow instructions. Or use a newer iOS version whiteout the Siri and phone support on de Rider. Traffic will work. MyDrive sync will work. Siri, Phone and music works from your headset not from the Rider. you can thank Apple for braking this.
  • Next time click Drive after you opened the track.
  • The T version is the track a very precise representation of the path to follow. (When loaded on the Rider it will try to follow this path as close as possible over accessible roads on the map. Strange U-turns can be filtered out) The normal version in the route only the Via points you placed. The actual path will change…
  • @szachowa SendITNRoute is a litle Windows program I wrote that uses the GOR api to send an route max 21 stops to the MyDrive backend. Using internet at home you can access it on this page (It seems te be blocked by the internal TomTom firewall)
  • Yes, i tried an existing route only I used SendITNRoute to upload the route. This works multiple times. I did some more testing. It looks like using a existing route in MyDrive web the Go App locks and doesn't accept new Routes send to the app. Solution: Close the Go App Wait Start the Go App Open a Existing route in…
  • I just installed the 3.0 update. Sending Destinations now works in the Go App.