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  • Ok. Thanks for the info EthoZ Let's be optimistic. We all hope this new release after 4month+ of no communication from TT will not be another big disappointment for customers like the previous versions. Progress is so slow that I do not expect too much for the 1.10. As a reminder : all "new features" awaited for years now…
  • Hi Etuotnom, short answer : no long one : unfortunately no. keep in mind that Go Mobile project developpement has stopped and can be considered as dead. Product updates are slower than ever and finished to vanish. It's probably time to switch to another product. Sorry for this negative answer for your legitimate question.
  • You can add to the list : Sygic, Waze, Inrix Traffic... The only two major vendors that do not update their product anymore or at a too slow pace are : Tomtom, Garmin. They were both the two market leader few years ago Navigon was also one of the 5 leaders in europe (they were bought by Garmin few years ago) and it is…
  • Hi, It's a known regression from the previous version since 1 year and half. Unfortunately do not expect any change from Tomtom : TomTom GO Mobile iOS project dead?
  • https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/map-quality-75/mapshare-reporter-v3-0-releasing-soon-1032723
    dans Wrong location Commentaire de Ribero février 2018
  • Hi, have a look here : TomTom GO Mobile iOS project dead?
  • You are right but 2019 is for the beta. The RTM will be available just a few quarters after that, as usual. on the positive side and to be fair with the dev team, the 1 line of code per month rule does not include comments and Appstore release note that are usually longest than the code itself :)
    dans New iPhone x Commentaire de Ribero janvier 2018
  • Hi Guy_Australia, I understand and I too give my vote for a real iPad version. But you also should take into account that TomTom really don't care about customer feedback. So don't waste your time expecting anything from them if it's not already on their todo list. And, I'm afraid, iPad (and more generally iOS) is not…
  • Very dangerous link ! If the trainee in charge of the developpement of Go Mobile iOS read this he may apply to a job and tomtom customers may have to deal with no more go mobile updates ! Lol ! :cool: