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  • It has been almost a month since this bug was introduced into the app, is there any intention of fixing it?
  • I did some further testing yesterday and found a fix of sorts, at least while they get this properly sorted. Once sync finishes, leave the app open, turn off all data for about 2 or 3 seconds and then back on, it will upload it, and then u can just pull down to refresh. It seems for some reason after getting your data the…
  • I just come back from a run and ensured that my phone did not sync my watch this evening, plugged it into my PC and the sync was instant as expected, so the problem definitely lies with the mobile app. I have also spoken to a friend and his wife had a TT and an iPhone and is not experiencing the same issues.
  • Thanks for the Info Stuart, This strongly suggests point 1, as I suspect a flag is set on the watch as to weather or not the data has been sync'd or not, meaning me connecting it to my PC after having sync'd with my phone would yield no results. My guess is there is some problem with the app and sending the data out, as I…
  • HI, Yes it has happened again, So Sunday it took about 5.5 hours. Monday evening I synced around 6pm, and at 9pm my data was still not available, yet when I woke up around 4am and turned my phone on, the data was ONLY then pushed to strava and training peaks. I cannot say when it made it to TT, but I got my challenge mail…