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  • Bonjour, Merci pour vos réponses. Je mentionnais simplement le débit de ma connexion (qui n'a rien de super puissante. C'est une ADSL light, une connexion de base et la moins chère disponible) car Tomtom parle d'une connexion minimale de 30 mbps. C'est pourquoi j'ai fait le test et que j'ai fait part du résultat afin…
  • Thank your for your help and I confirm you I'm not trying to add any new map, just updating my europe map.
  • Do you think the problem comes from there ? The total internal memory of the go basic is 16 go I think. Doesn't the device replace the old map with the new one. In this case, there should be enough space, no ? And if that's really the problem, why the device doesn't tell me so instead of driving me crazy by telling me…
  • I have just noticed something else. The internal memory of the go basic is 5,5 go and the size of the update is 7,8 go. Could this be where the problem come from ?
  • Also, at the end of my last USB cable attempt which was about 30 hours long, my drive connect had crashed. I don't know if that can help.
  • Thanks Douglap. So I have tried again several time by using both the wifi and the USB cable and each time, it tells me that the update is successfull but actually it's not and he proposes me to install again and again the same update. As you esplained me douglap, I took note of the versions of both the application and the…
  • Ok Thank you for your answer YamFazMan. Next time I will try by connecting to the USB then. That being said, I don't have a great internet connection but I just tested it and I'm way over 30 mbps in download (between 50 and 100 depending when I test it). Maybe more cause I did the test while the tomtom was dowloading. So…
  • Thank you for your help. You are certainly right. I will confirm when I will have updated the navigator.
  • That's also what I'm hoping but what surprise me is on the go basic page, it says only connecting roads too while this is quite a new navigator (less than 1 year). You would think it would have the newer and more complete maps integrated. Therefore,…
  • Thank you for your answer justmebrowsing. You are right, all your links say it's completely covered. But here, on the device page, it says only connecting roads: Here, it says 77% : So which information is…