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  • Grrr....wish I'd found this thread before I shelled out on a Go Camper. First three destinations input, and.... my route does not comply with vehicle type. Err, thought that was the point of a satnav designed (purportedly) for a heavy camper. Hmm. I'll be giving it a try on Sunday. Wonder if it is the unpaved road…
  • Well, I followed the guidance to try and get to chat/speak to support, but every time (over 3 days) I try to log in at the 'Sign in' button, there's and error 400. The chatbot is useless, keeps suggesting I change my password. Disappointed. I would expect a company of TomTom's size to have a better IT support, and Customer…
  • @YamFazMan - aha! I'll see if I can get them to remove it then! Mad tho, when I guess it's not hardware related. Oh well, maybe I will have to invest. booo.... Thanks for the info!
  • @Willy875 - well, it's compatible, and allowed me to buy the update. However, still not seeing 'my vehicle' anywhere, altho, I am just doing another update/restart to double check. Thanks for the (fingers crossed) way forward. As a side comment, flippin' annoying that when you want help on how to install something, it…
  • Hi @DougLap Yay! Reset done, MyDrive connected, My Places there. Just going through all the nice things (voices etc) but it looks like the restart issue has gone. Thanks for your help.
  • Whoops, that would have been helpful, I guess! Yes, I have a TT Go 6200. On another thread I found what may be a temporary solution, but it seems to be working at the mo, which is to turn off the sync to MyDrive, and do a restart. Of course, this probably means I can't use the app on my phone, which I like, because that…
  • Thanks Vikram, this seems to work. Do I *need* to turn that sync back on at some point?
  • I have this same problem. Doing a factory reset, will I lose all my favourites?