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I'm about at my wits end with this! I just bought this TomTom Go Basic as a replacement for my old Garmin, thinking that it would be better. I need to get it to work on the road with my VIAO laptop running Windows 8.1, but I cannot get it to connect. I've also tried it with another computer running Windows 10, and my other running Windows 7. Nothing connects. I've tried a reset, and I've tried updating the driver. Nothing. The other thing is, I repeatedly tried to log in on the forum and keep getting rejected. I reset the password and that seemed to work, but when I try to log in it just takes me round in circles. I tried clearing the cache, I tried a different browser. Waste of time. So here I am! I’ve owned this sad piece of machinery for 2 weeks now and I haven’t been able to use it yet. I’ve wasted well over £100 and too many hours on this now. Has anyone got a fix, or do I throw this TomTom in the back of a drawer and go and buy another Garmin?

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  • Right. Thanks DougLap. I'm going to give that a try in the morning. I must say to you and Nabu, and others that have commented, that I find the speed and efficiency of your responses does give me confidence and makes up for the other shortcomings. Also, I should study the instructions more, but that's very time-consuming.…
  • Thanks gs2offroad. That figures. They should outsource silly little jobs to people like us B)
  • Thanks Nabu. It's not about where I am, but where I'm going. So I understand you to be saying that I can't do this with a TOMTOM, I can only type in a location to go to using text. Is that right, or have I misunderstood.
  • I see. So why doesn't TOMTOM alter their software so that it doesn't happen? If the question itself annoys people then it has no useful purpose. Is it programmers laziness or incompetence?
  • Much obliged, folks. Thanks for that.
  • Excellent, I get it. So can I uninstall MyDrive Connect now and forget it, or is there something it is useful for?
  • Thank you Willy875. So what do we use MyDrive Connect for then? Is it now redundant?
  • Thanks nabu, but I don't have a problem with updates over wi-fi. They're all done. But what I can't do is connect the device to the MyDrive Connect app on the computer so that I can plan and transfer a route. On every machine, all different O.S. it says cannot connect.