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  • There are more watches from Garmin expected with onboard music, including the soon to be announced FR 245M and Vivoactive 3 Music. The other inexpensive alternative is Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos. I would really love to buy a new TT watch instead, but…
  • If I were you, I would check the link below - that should answear your question.
  • I have the same issue with the TT Sports App. I normally click Options(second icon at the top from the right), next Advanced Settings and click Verify Connection (under the Proxy settings). Then I return to the main screen and click Try Again and v…
  • (Quote) The fitness age value will simply show you how fit you are. If your fitness age is lower than your actual age, then your training helps you being in better shape than what you would be while not training. Your fitness age will follow your v…
  • To estimate your vo2max just run Cooper test - run as far as possible within 12 minutes. For vo2max 58 you need 3100 meters within 12 minutes. Can you do that? That's the equation for vo2max based on Cooper test: VO2max= (distance covered in meters…
  • Hi, TT Spark doesn't work with Polar OH1 - I've tested it and HR is never detected.
  • (Quote) That's exactly the same thing I observed myself. No score for the activity I performed on the day of update. The other activities are scored properly. This seems a bug but as far as I'm aware there's no solution for that.
  • (Quote) - Color screen is necessary - it's 21st century! Have you seen what the real-time HR graph looks like when it's only black and white? You can convey far more information by only adding color. If maps are introduced - how do you want to show …
  • I think hardware is where TomTom keeps lagging far far behind. Color screen, high screen resolution, modern look, long working time, charging while performing an activity, WiFi, NFC payments (Fitbit+Garmin) is something that the current range of Tom…
  • Normally when you run slower, your cadence also drops a bit. For me it's 170 at 6:00 min/km and 180 at 4:00/km and up to 187 at 3:00/km . I've seen the optical HR sensor losing the plot in the middle of hard interval session and at the end of a lon…