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  • Problem looks to have been solved with latest update.
  • Today I did an extra check. Passing a larger intersection no MLG when connected to CarPlay. On the return trip with the phone disconnected (cable removed that attaches to the car, not sure about Bluetooth) MLG worked perfect at the same intersection on the phone itself.
  • Hi Lampard, I will try as suggested and share the results. The complete story is a little longer than the original question. I started using a trail version of TT on my work iPhone 8. This because I was contemplating a switch of my private mobile phone from Android to IOS. The first time I used it - and noticed the absence…
  • Would improve usability. I now use the standard navigation from the car in this mode when I have no route.
  • PS changing the voice and using the notification channel might also make a difference according to comments in another post.
  • I solved this with an increase in the speech rate on the phone (probably: settings/language/text to speech). This makes the voice talk faster.
  • @Jürgen: I solved the problem in a different way. I removed the app and was now able to download the newest version directly from the Play Store. Now it works. So whatever went wrong before, happened in the regular update process from the Play Store.
  • I installed the new version as an update through Play Store. I couldn't see a version number. Installation worked and the app asked also to install new maps a you described above. So I guess it is the newest version. But then I got the mesasage that my subscription was expired (App Store: subscription active until july…
  • I tackeled this problem with an increase in the speech rate on the phone. That was a great improvement. I will try the notification channel also.
  • PS probably after every fresh start of the car. Because the app works fine if not connected, it might be an additional subscription check of android auto when android auto connects to the car counterpart sofware.
  • I got the same message after taking on a subscription. But not always. It baffled me at first. It looks like there is a subscription check the first time of a new day when you start the app through android auto. If your mobile is at that moment off line, you get this message. The problem does not occur when the app is used…