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  • Thanks for the detailed and descriptive analysis Faming
  • My subscription has also ended and at this point I am also not planning on re-subscribing. Three reasons; 1. The apparently problematic update that I was notified many times was coming but never came (for me) and I have never been notified why (except in part through this forum). I feel TomTom management has really dropped…
  • I have never been updated from 1.18 schneidernet although I have been notified a dozen or so times in late 2019 that it is coming but not recently. There has been no notification that the update to 2.xx has been delayed here (Canada) either and it is still available as 1.18.1 in the Play Store. Currently there is no…
  • I have since tried a trial of Sygic as an alternative as recommended by kyurloityuitg. But you CANNOT turn off 'Car Pool Lanes / HOV' Lanes. Since I have a few HOV roadways in my vicinity Sygic will most often take you to these (highway) lanes as they are always less congested than the 'regular' lanes especially during…
  • The 1.18 version is still shows the same annual price for me.
  • I also am interested in navigation app alternatives before I "have to" upgrade. Especially an app with good traffic avoidance. Any android app suggestions? I purchased a 3 year licence which is ending in a few months. This will now cost me 30% more and for an app that appears to have issues :anguished:
  • I currently still have release 1.18 (2169) Canada. I have had "lots" of notifications that my upgrade is coming. I am wondering what is the best way on my android Samsung S10 to STOP this upgrade to my phone? So I don't have to re-install the .apk. If I do the following "Settings > APPS > GO > Notifications > App updates…