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  • Just like to thank everyone for there help with the map download error I was getting but finally I’ve managed to download it and get the map update not sure what the problem has been as stated before I have tried on three separate computers two windows and one Mac so I decided to try another Mac and hey presto it done it…
  • @AngryBird @VikramK Tried to download map again last night still getting error message map invalid seems to be issue with downloading map as all other updates download and install no problem?
  • @AngryBird I thought that myself but how do you contact them to say there is an issue with it
  • @VikramK the map is showing in the update part of Tom Tom home now the problem is it will only download so far and then Tom Tom home stops responding tried this on three separate computers two pc one Mac more than capable of running Tom Tom home ?
  • Yeah been to many shouldn’t be this difficult to update an sd card probably going to ask for a refund as I’ve wasted enough time with it how do contact customer service ?
  • @Willy875 Moderator October 14 Hi @Lindzo I had my team review this one, and it seems the map update service you ordered is not compatible with your model. The service has been swapped, could you check for updates now? earlier comment from vikramk
  • @Willy875 So if there was a problem with the sd card why do the other updates download and install it only seems to be the map that has the problem?
  • @AngryBird Not really much help that as I’ve said before tried on three computers two pc and one Mac none of them work clearly an issue with Tom Tom and still fifty pound out of pocket and nothing to show for it if the system doesn’t work fix it but they dont seem interested customer support is non existent pretty much…
  • Ok have installed Tom Tom home on three separate computers and every one of them come up with an error have checked for connection to server and four successful connections solid internet connection cabled. This error happens at the same place on every pc when it moves onto the second download bar it’s says Tom Tom home…
  • This is the worst service ever nothing works all I get is error after error shocking service in the middle of downloading the map it pops up with a message saying I cancelled it when I have not touched it honesty it’s a different error every time
  • I have deleted the map on the memory card I now have the option to install new Europe map but it keeps failing saying item not valid after installation?
  • @Jim07 there is still nothing in the update my Mazda navigation system nb1 and the maps section is the same as before ?
  • @Jim07 Will check tonight when finish work Thanks .
  • I have an option to buy maps in the maps section of Tom Tom home but I’ve already paid for maps
  • Hi there is no update in Tom Tom home
  • Hi thanks will check later tonight as I’m at work should it show in Tom Tom home update?
  • Hi thanks for reply I have installed Tom Tom home on two separate computers one windows and one Mac and it still has not worked When you say download a fresh map from where Tom Tom home ? It wants 49.95 which I’ve already paid ?