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Hi, Last week I succeeded in making my TomTom Start42 speaking again literally; now it functions as it should do. After following the detailed instructions step by step, I hear the voice speaking and instructing while I am driving my car. It sounds like very nice music in my ears! I like to thank all the superusers who wrote down all the instructions I needed in a systematically way! Greetings Kees275

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  • Hi , :) Thank you for all your detailed instructions. I think these will help me to solve the problem of having no voices on my TomTom. Greetings, Kees275
  • Hi DougLap and YamFazman, I've got a problem with "voices"'. The computer voice which reads the instructions, for example "drive to the right side", only worked the first time that I used my TomTom Start 42. After this time my TomTom only delivers visual information, but the voice you should hear keeps in deep silence. I…
  • Hi Doug, Thanks. I just ordered by phone a card at a well known big store in the Netherlands. Greetings, :) Kees275
  • Hi YamFazMan, On April 1 you advised me a 16GB or 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card for my TomTom Start 42. Is there a TomTom shop in the Netherlands in or near Utrecht (= is situated in the center of the country) where I can buy this kind of card? Thanks for your answer. Greetings, Kees275
  • Hi DougLap and YazFamMan, I want to thank you both for your accurate, detailed and understandable instructions. Tonight my girl friend also consulted the wording from the manual and then suddenly we found the slot! So the problem has been solved now. Again thank you for your help!! Greetings, Kees
  • Hi YamFazMan, After inspecting my navagation device I still can't find a slot. The video which is referred to is overwhelming in showing possibilities. What I need is only a video of Tom TomStart42 and not all the videos of all the navigation devices Tom Tom brings into the market. I can't find the video that I need to…