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  • thanks - well, I'm on the top floor (4th) and it is picking up GPS (as it knows my location), it would seems, as it knows my location, it's just that nothing happens after woman says YOU WILL ARRIVE... Would there be an symbol to say it is not picking up GPS?? As for "demo mode", I haven't a clue what that is Jonathan
  • I am not sure if what you sent me is actually a reply to my question? I have made some progress - apparently my main map FRANCE got unselected during recent update so it now shows. However, after voice announces TIME ARRIVAL, at top of screen "C'est parti" (YOU'RE OFF) - to left of steering wheel, doesn't disappear and…
  • I'll give it a try tomorrow when I use car - obviously I don't need 3 loud beeps every time I start device and I definitely haven't had this problem previously! very odd indeed - I'll let you know if turning off "prediction" which seems to be what you are alluding to, works or not, thanks
  • Is this what I need to turn off : "Keep journey history on this device for optional features"?
  • I just searched for term HISTORY in manual but it was not found - is this exact term??
  • Thanks Willy - where is TRIP HISTORY in settings? Why does this provoke a YES or NO question at startup ?? Also, I just ended chat session with TT tech support and they said to either turn off SHARING by clicking question mark - as the progressive filling up of the YES? question with blue seems rather unsual, it would seem…
  • Thanks, but I don't think any Danger Zone warnings would explain why when I start up my car and TomTom I get 3 loud beeps and a YES or NO question on screen - is there no rationale to this and why to stop it??
  • there is a very very slim possiblity that there is a question about speed cameras, above the yes or no, but due to presentation of screen, I noticed nothing obvious during the 5-6 times I've seen this - and the transitory nature of the YES and NO, lasting about 5 seconds, renders any study impossible - next time I'm in the…
  • please note that I also reposted early this same query in the ESSENTIAL part of this forum, although I presume it makes no difference to you... (I first bought basic, then essential when leaving UK)
  • Thanks. First of all I'm now in France, so there are no speed cameras here, as far as I known, and no, I did not see the question asked at all, all I see in lower right hand corner, announced by 3 loud beeps, is YES? or NO?, then the YES fills up gradually with blue, then the whole bloody thing disappears.
  • PSS - if it at all helps, these 2 options appear in low right hand corner of screen, but again, the question related to YES or NO is totally absent - I just searched through Essentials manual, and the only thing I could come up with was PREDICTION, although I see no reason why this suddenly produces two options when…
  • PS - I did get a reply from tech support, but quite frankly I don't know what they're smoking over theese : "I understand from your e-mail that your TomTom START 52 device is freezing on the startup screen." which has ZERO to do with my problem
  • HELP - connected my TomTom earlier to my PC to enter new address and am faced with BLANK WINDOW for MyDrive Connect. My device is logged in OK and I reinstalled MyDrive Connect, but screen is still blank. HELP! Thanks, Jonathan
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG avril 2021
  • yeah, more or less what I thought - thanks! I'm long used to sticking the damn thing up on the windscreen and though mounts were intelligently designed and could be used in same manner, off and on, but alas, no such luck - all I need now is to rip up my dash and have that staring me in the face forever! Who would ever use…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG avril 2021
  • Hi Doug - long time no see - my car finally arrived in UK after 4 long months at sea and cleared customs like greased lightning (although getting insurance on a "temp import" was hell on earth, I kid you not and cost me 400% of normal prices). Anyhow, I picked up car a week ago in Felixstowe, got new tyres and new hardtop…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG avril 2021
  • Thanks for getting back to me anyhow so quickly. No doubt, I will have other questions, however I did have my other Tomtom for 5 years, so I'm not exactly a beginner
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • PS - I finally turned 52 off and on, and things are back to normal. Please disregard previous question. Thanks!
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • Hi Doug - I finally found the courage to turn on Start 52, and then connected it to my Windows 10 PC for its first update. On the device itself, it almost immediately flashed UPDATE COMPLETED (or something to that effect, which seemed really far "too fast"). Meanwhile on my computer screen with MyDriveConnect open, I have…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • decidedly, you get the Blue Ribbon for aged ham, my friend
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • SHMBO ? Do people really say that these days?? There was a time, when one would pull over to the side of the road to check the map, and nobody died from it, it won't kill you, as Dylan sung. As for technology, of course, one's viewpoint depends on your date of birth - in my opinion, the situation today is clearly overkill…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • Maybe I'll just..
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • May I'll just junk everything and just buy a regular fold-out map, or better yet, walk! Kindly note that since I had tomtom before, I thought buying another today would be simple as abc. Bought my old one from my car dealer and had "zero" headaches. Ya know, the purpose of technology is to make life simpler for we human…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • Thanks. I'll get 5200 and trash thereafter the 52 as currently I have difficultly physically in returning items to Amazon. I have never heard of 2G network before, sounds like a dinosaur. Do all tomtoms use such antiquated technology? I have no idea why I would pay for "cameras" or even what this means. When I get the…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • hard-wire connection back from the Laptop to the Router ?? just to update device?? As for the rest, thanks, but today I'm drowning in technical info of no real interest to me - now I realize why I bought the wrong navigator as I'd need a navigator just to understand Tomtom's 1000001 options and impossible lingo - not…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021
  • I must confess I am drowning in options. Now, not only GO5200 but also GO520 as well. Why are things so complicated??? I personally would prefer to avoid using my phone or BlueTooth or anything down these lines. Basically, I need just 1 suggested model, where all updates can be down on my computer. Does such an animal…
    dans Smart 52 Commentaire de JonathanG mars 2021