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  • Uploaded report and screenshot to Mapshare. Many thanks all
  • It’s called the Hook underpass, on the A3, junction with the A243. The height marker is visible on Google Maps in both directions.
  • As an example, I've put a route into MyDrive from north of London to Peckham with settings for a 16' high artic, and it gives me a route going down the M11, A406, A13 and it then takes me along Lower Thames Street. OK to that point but it then says to get to London Bridge I have to turn right into Fish Street Hill, this is…
  • Hi, the memory card isn't at issue, though I know the one I use is a genuine Transcend Class 10. Once the unit is navigating there are no issues with the routing/display, it is purely the delay in the touch-screen input that is infuriating and it was the first time that I have come across it with any Satnav, even cheap…
  • Thanks for that, the map is already on the internal memory. The disabling of Bluetooth seems to have had a noticeable effect, shall see how it goes after a few days use. Back to London tomorrow :/
  • Thanks for that, I've removed the phone connection completely as I don't need it for any reason.
  • Thanks for that. I think that is probably the real problem. Just because TT finds a route is faster does not mean that it is safer. The trucks I drive are the biggest allowed on UK roads - double decker running at 40t + thats' why I wanted the best satnav, but taking these trucks down some of the roads it finds in Central…
  • Hi again, further to the wifi suggestion, I've turned off the bluetooth because I realised that my phone was connecting to both the 6250 B/T (which was never used) and the truck's B/T, which was always used, so not using the 6250 Bluetooth seems to have made it more responsive. We shall see how it goes.
  • Thank you for you reply. I do regularly reboot the device (as a long time Windows user I get used to doing this with most devices. Shall try the WiFi disabling option.