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  • Thanks, Doug. I just spotted the ferries problem on another thread, until which I hadn't realised that there were separate maps for ferries. What a bind! Downloading only the European ferries map would have sent me several hundred miles out of the …
  • I live within forty minutes of both the Channel Tunnel and the Dover to Calais ferry, but with the Ferry Connections Europe map downloaded the Tomtom Navigation route wanted me to take the Poole to Cherbourg ferry to get to France, a detour of more …
  • Thanks, Doug, but until you mentioned MyDrive I’d never thought of using or downloading the app. That aside, it’s somewhat frustrating that Tomtom Go Mobile would, and MyDrive will, plan a route from my home in the UK to a destination in Europe us…
  • I've just reported a 50 metre section of road that's missing from the Tomtom Go Navigation app on my iPhone, but which actually exists. The error means an unnecessary diversion of many kilometres. I'll be interested to see how long it takes them to…
  • It works now. I had to delete the app and re-install it, and I lost all “My Places” in the process. Thanks so much.
  • Oh, that I could return to the old Tomtom app! It was SO MUCH BETTER than this rubbish!
  • I’m currently left with a completely useless Tomtom Go app, and I need to use it urgently. The advice on tapping the Home button twice doesn’t work, so I’ve deleted the maps that wouldn’t install and have tried to re-install them but to no avail, be…
  • That doesn’t work; despite following the instruction I’m still getting the error message.
  • Yes, that’s what I have to do. In fact I first use the old Tomtom app, which I retain on my ‘phone, to plot a route avoiding Paris completely, and I note from that where to put waypoints on the subsequent Tomtom Go route. But what a load of faffing …
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  • Thanks, but you’ve answered the opposite question to that which I asked!
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  • The most vital function for me would be the re-instating of the power to avoid areas: it's essential, yet I see no sign of it in the list of things to come. Second to that would be the ability to remove of any references to petrol stations and speed…