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  • So i managed to solve it. The problem is in the update server and the lack of resume option in tomtom software for downloading a file. PC app logs showed there is a file download issue and gave me the exact url. I opened it in chrome and not surprising it failed to download, but i could resume from where it failed in…
  • Hi @YamFazMan, I think i found what you meant, it was in one of the next vids, but the issue is the same for wifi and usb. (by the way the PC way shown in the video is not even working for me, just tells me, i should connect the device and then use the network shared via usb the same way as wifi) What we could figure out…
  • Hi @YamFazMan, I know how to download a map, but every attempt of "Add a map" from the device fails at the same percentage for the "Europe" map, tried both USB and wifi even with my mobile data. I even put a 32 gb card and tried to install the map on that... same results Cheers, D
  • So, another test is done: I did reset back the device to factory state, set it up again, then started the EU map download via USB. This time it was nicely progressing to 45% and then it jumped back to 34% and stayed there quite a while, then showed the error message... How can I actually get in touch with Tomtom support?…
  • I still face the issue, any ideas what to do?
  • I meant the charger working not the update... so still no luck with installing full EU map
  • Via wifi and charger connected, and working...
  • seems it gets stuck at 34%
  • Hi @MechB77 it was the same for me, some time later the 1 yr was upgraded to lifetime Cheers, D
  • Hi Vikram, i hope so too, thanks again for helping me out. I'll check the account in a week or so, and get back here, if still see the 1 year subscription only Thanks, David
  • Hi @VikramK , I turned on the device, and it is updating now. I bought the device from a swiss online store (microspot.ch), as I live there. On the box and website it is advertised as "Lifetime European maps" https://microspot.ch/de/--c441000/tomtom-rider-500--p0001497633 Shall get in touch with the store? EDIT: I saw, the…
  • Hi @VikramK Thanks for the tip, unfortunately did not help. After reset there was a 300 bytes community map update, but EU map is still on 1035. Does it matter, what language I select at the beginning (chose en-us for an EU device, but Switzerland as country)? EDIT: did a 2nd reset I chose an hungarian as lang, and CH as…
  • Hi @YamFazMan I know how to update, the issue is, on the status page, it says the license is expired, and I have to renew it..., I'll open a separate thread with screenshot (https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1122143/rider-500-eu-map-expired-on-brand-new-device/) thanks
  • Hi, I just got my brand new Rider 500 with lifetime EU maps, but can't update from 1035, any ideas? Thanks, David