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  • Thanks one and all for your replies, all very much appreciated. I have learnt a few things as well. Take care all Flook B)
  • Nabu, is that French?? sorry I cannot translate. Can anyone advise me if the rider500 continues to flip could I ask for a replacement und the years guarantee. Many thanks Flook
  • Found it under Appearance. I have now locked it and I will keep my fingers crossed the map display will be stable. If not, could I claim for a replacement under my year guarantee??
  • Thanks Nabu, silly question, where is this display I have just looked in the menu and settings nothing says display. Flook
  • Thank you VikramK, your reply is appreciated Regards Flook
  • Just read this sad post of yours. So much help here and still had problems. I cannot help in anyway, but I have to ask, have you received it yet, if yes when, and are you please with it. Flook B)
    dans Order update Commentaire de Flook juin 2021
  • R1R, how do you do that, where is the factory reset, and how does one log in to MyDrive. I appreciate it may be easy, but that is when you know how, and only by instruction I would know how to carry this out. Flook B)
  • I like it when a community comes together to sort out issues =)
  • I have read this with much interest. I will tell you how I initially charged my 500. With the supplied USB cable I plugged that into my Apple mains to USB unit which I use to charge my iPhone, set up for the required Map updates and left it. About 2.5 hours later I checked it and the map updates were all in and it was all…
  • Thanks guy's, much appreciated. Flook B)
  • I have just read this roadRider, looks good, then I read on your site it is for Windows, I assume not iMac's. Flook B)
  • Having recently purchased a Rider 500 and found compatibility issues with my headset. The headset showed on the rider but not pairing. This has lead me to replace my headset. It also got me to thinking about other issues, I have been reading, well, glancing really at some of the headings if problems about what I would call…
  • Mathew550, what is tomtom supports number, I cannot get it anywhere. Okay not that I need it now, but for the future. Flook B)
  • Yamfazman, thanks for that info, very informative. Nice to know which is positive etc, save me getting out the volt meter some time. Flook B)
  • Cesarpar, I do not know much about Triumphs, but I have a BMW, and for sat nav it has a hidden socket under the fairing for that purpose. May I suggest you ask Triumph if there is something similar to this. Also my bike does have an outer mini socket that is out of the way but I don't use that at all. PS If that is there,…
  • Okay, an update. BMW Wollaston @ Northampton have now tried to update my system 6 BMW headset. Unfortunately for me there are no present updates to enable it to pair with the Rider 500. This means I now unfortunately have to have headset replaced, which I am disappointed about as I have had it now around 6 years, and…
  • Just thought I would bring an update. I have just been on the phone to BMW, and they have told me it is quite possible my headset will need to be updated, not replaced (thank goodness). So this afternoon I will be visiting Wollaston's of Northampton to have it checked out. If it is good I will get back to up date here. So,…
  • Thanks for the reply rider1, the headset does not seem to be on that list. However it worked okay with my rider V5 and the previous one a V3 =) , so it should work with the rider 500! Or am I barking up the wrong tree here :s . Flook B)