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  • This situation allowed me to give Waze a fair chance … I never got to liking Waze, but now after trying it for a couple of months over long trips, I prefer it much more to TomTom. Their feedback when reporting a bug or a map issue is second to none.
    dans TomTom App on iOS15 Commentaire de Eldewy 24 août
  • I believe the fix can come only from TomTom because it is a TomTom bug. So iOS updates sadly aren’t going to help.
    dans Traffic not working Commentaire de Eldewy 28 juil.
  • TomTom Go is by far and wide the slowest developing Android/iOS app I have ever seen. That being said, these apps have some of the best if not the best visual guidance in the business. Combining that with solid offline performance, you have to get used to the convoluted routing and long lasting bugs as these are the main…
    dans TomTom App on iOS15 Commentaire de Eldewy 20 juil.
  • How can Apple be the culprit here, when every single navigation app other than TomTom Go doesn’t suffer from such a bug.
  • Issue is still present on Beta 3.
    dans TomTom App on iOS15 Commentaire de Eldewy 17 juil.
  • I can confirm this. Funny enough voice guidance/speed trap warnings work if Siri is active or a phone call is active. The problem is also present in CarPlay.
    dans TomTom App on iOS15 Commentaire de Eldewy 9 juil.
  • YouTube Music.
  • I had an interesting problem yesterday and I am not sure if anyone else has reported it. Music was lowered for TomTom to announce the next maneuver but TomTom didn't announce it, music channel got stuck in the dampened volume mode and TomTom didn't make any announcements for the entire trip. It is as if TomTom took over…
  • You do get the suggestions.
  • Best news ever! Should those, who were part of the closed beta still use the parallel app "TomTom Navigation" or switch to release version "TomTom Go"? If the closed beta app will be kept up-to-date, I wouldn't personally mind staying as guinea pig to help with further development.
  • I personally stopped having crashes several versions ago.
  • Is there a possibility to change the color of the dark/night mode towards a more greyish tint similar to that of Waze or Flitsmeister? Or at least have the possibility somewhere to adapt the color? The current color combination is super dark and not very visible, especially when it is raining during the day and the…
  • Theoretically yes :).
  • Then it should be fine for @MM2021 because the photo he linked is from a G-Baureihe BMW HUD, and in this vehicle the IC & HUD use same navigation data :).
  • I think he means vehicle HUD. It is a device that utilizes the windshield to project key driving data for the drivers, so they wouldn't have to take their eyes of the road. Being an automotive SW developer myself, I would assume that the implemention is highly dependent on the vehicle and how Android Auto is integrated…
  • AA stands for Android Auto ... I would still take a beer over Android Auto any time of the day though. Just not while driving.
  • It might sound like a dumb question, but did you go in AA settings and activate it to show up on the launcher?
  • This has nothing to do with the Beta. I have noticed the strange routing starting with 2.xx versions of TomTom. That's the most irritating thing about using the app sometimes.
  • Hi everyone, I have contacted my MMI box provider & it seems that the Night-Mode bug that I had is not from TomTom application. It is a known bug of my box & Android 11 apps other than Google Maps. They sent me a SW to flash with the fix and now TomTom works perfectly fine in night mode!
  • Did anyone manage to get night mode working on Android 11 & latest AA version? For me night mode works fine on Google Maps but TomTom is always stuck in day mode, even forcing night mode via settings doesn't work.
  • As @RonaldM01 mentioned above, you can also post your findings here. If you still want to join the Google group, send an email to TomTom contact person, who sent you the Beta program invitation.
  • I have it enabled :+1:.
  • In the email you got with the invitation, there should have been a Google group invitation as well. If you have any findings, you should post it there.
  • I tested the app on a drive today and I have to say I am really impressed! It is is significantly more stable than AmiGO Beta with AA. Unlike some of the reports here, I have witnessed neither audible nor visual issues. But once again that is just one drive :lol:, so still need to test more. I had one crash though, but the…
  • I can confirm the same. What helped me was to leave the Beta program and then rejoin. 5 minutes later, the app was available.