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  • Having just tried to create and save a short test route using MyDrive, I found it to be less than straightforward (to put it mildly) and then when I had saved it, I only had the option to sync it to my sat nav as a track. The same applied if I used the much simpler-to-use MyRoute-app, i.e., I only had the option to sync…
    dans Which route file to use? Commentaire de BrianE 12 mai
  • Hi Grievesey I've just read another thread about this, but it's quite complicated. Have a look here:
    dans Which route file to use? Commentaire de BrianE 11 mai
  • Hi Doug. I tested it this morning and it's all working fine now. Thank you for your support.
  • Thanks Doug, that's what I wanted to know. I don't need to use the app on my phone as I do all my pre-planning and managing of POI's on the desktop version. I also use ITN Converter to create groups of POI's and then upload them to MyDrive on my computer, which then get automatically transferred to my sat nav once I…
  • Yes, I'd read that somewhere yesterday, but what about the TomTom app question - that's what I really want to know?
  • Both. The map was downloading when I took the above screenshot.
    dans Why so slow to download? Commentaire de BrianE 5 mai
  • I have a small data allowance (I think it's 6GB per month) on my mobile phone, so it can access the Internet using that when I'm away from home. But what I really want to know is whether I need to have the TomTom app open on my phone to receive the traffic updates.
  • Thanks Doug. I've just finished doing that as I got fed up of waiting for TomTom's chat to respond to my message, even though I was number 1 in the queue. It was a bit of a pain as I had almost finished setting up my new device, but at least restoring my saved places from MyDrive was then automatic.
  • I sometimes asked my previous TomTom (GO 6200) to execute the command "3D View" and on a few occasions it set the volume setting to zero instead. Weird.
  • If you search this forum you will find that there are many customers unhappy with the way we are treated by this company. Just one example - we have been asking for years for tomtom to provide an option to avoid narrow country lanes, but they have effectively simply ignored our requests. And don't think the camper version…
  • My thoughts exactly and on a dual carriageway you don't have overhead warning signs well in advance to inform you of lane closures/other hazards or variable speed limits to tell you to slow down.
  • They should fix all the problems with the existing devices before launching yet another new product. I certainly won't be buying one.
  • If you are planning to import routes from MyRoute App, I would suggest you carry out an experiment, as there was a problem that any routes created in MyRoute App and subsequently imported onto the sat nav via MyDrive could not be permanently deleted. To see if that is the case you would need to delete a route on your sat…
    dans POI on the Map Commentaire de BrianE mai 2020
  • Just tried it on the AA Route Planner (see below) and it plans the logical route via the Bromsgrove by-pass, so once again we see how unsatisfactory these expensive TomTom devices really are. They should be ashamed of themsleves as they have been in the business for such a long time by comparison that their devices should…
  • I had my sat nav set to Camper, Heavy and when I tried the route in MyDrive, it was set to Truck.
  • So if it can do it on one device, why not on others?
  • Neither traffic nor synchro with my GO Camper to MyDrive was working today and I don't think it was working yesterday either, although I only used my device briefly.
  • I've whitelisted the domains in Skynet and that has unlocked internet access to the program, but I still had a problem with Trend Micro's Ai Protection (built into the router) blocking the download, even though their URL checker web page lists the site as safe, so I had to temporarily disable that to get the download to…
  • Thanks Lost-Soul. I've found the cause (the enhanced firewall "Skynet" on my ASUS router is blocking something). Now all I have to do is try to find out what is being blocked and whitelist it.
  • I might write to my local MP before the government gets too embroiled in Brexit negotiations and all other government business goes out the window.
  • Seems like yet another feature that has been taken off us with later models. I wish TomTom would hurry up and get out of reverse gear!
  • Just tried it again, using Temeside Way, Powick as the starting point and Crown Lea Avenue, Malvern as the destination and this time it has planned the route through Callow End, along the B4424, then along Clevelode Lane and onto Guarlford Road. My current vehicle settings are:- Dimesnions: 6.50; 2.60; 2.75 Weights: 3.50;…
  • Hi Lost Soul. The reason my sat nav didn't just use the A449 was probably because there were roadworks just before the Madresfield turnoff. However, I would have expected it to use Jennet Tree Lane, which runs parallel to the A449, rather than trying to send me down Hawthorn Lane (which was in a much poorer condition that…