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So I'm a promoted to Apprentice Seeker? How stupid is this? Can't even get my 9 month old used once $220 paper weight of a P.O.S. Tomtom gps to work. Guess I'm an expert for giving up and getting my old tomtom updated and working again.

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  • Guess the drive must be corrupt. They had me send mine in and they're sending me a new one. I guess since it's under a year old and only used it on one road trip. I'm still wondering if anything could have caused bit to crash. Can't imagine it's from not using it for a few months.
  • RE: twoodysr: Sounds like you got the same thing. I had put it away for several months and got back out to get it ready for an upcoming trip. tomtom support escalated me to teir 2 support. Sounds like I'll have to send it in for repair. Last they asked for date of purchase SN and my address. Guess I'm lucky my old tomtom…
  • Did the 2 hour charge and reinstalled my drive multiple times. My old tomtom device connects and was taking it's update until I got kicked off with a message saying tomtom servers were too busy. Hope I don't have 2 tomtom paperweights on my hands. Thought I could maybe get by with the old one on un upcoming trip. Beginning…
  • Tomtom is really starting to suck! I'm ready give up and buy a Garmin. With every smart phone has a free built gps you would think they would work harder to keep us suckers who keep this product on board!