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  • Here endeth the sermon. Let us now pray.
  • Tomtom - all we are asking is that the new version installs and works as well on adopted SD cards as the old version did. Even if performance is slightly degraded compared to "true memory" that's a problem we can live with. That's what we're used to…
  • @Janjoeng - I share your pain and frustration. Just like that little car, going around and around in circles, I too have now spent days trying to get an app, which last week worked perfectly with maps for the whole of Europe, on a 16GB phone with 25…
  • [/quote] This is not ideal indeed, just one thing about adopted storage is that it is encrypted and emulated so read/write access performance is poor. Especially for app that has to constantly read from it, so not good fit for offline navigation. [/…
  • Very interesting and thanks pabac - But all my phones have adopted SD cards and I cannot/will not change that just for this appallingly bad Tomtom implementation. What were they thinking?? Maps are usually the largest files on any phone and to insta…
  • With every previous version I could have the whole of Europe on my Motorolla XPlay phones by using additional storage on SD card. This wonderful new version doesn't allow this, only main phone memory. Result - The phone memory is full up with UK and…
  • Android app 1.18.1 Europe map updated to v1047.10168 (8.5GB)
  • Interestingly, today there's an update for the Android maps ahead of iOS and even the Tomtom hardware. Are they trying to pacify us after all those fatuous messages about upgrades, their constant failure to deliver these upgrades and yet their persi…
  • My iPad Tomtom maps have now updated along with my Go 610 but my Android device, the one I use most, is still stuck on 1040. Are those of us still using the 1.18.1 Android app now stuck in a "time warp" until Tomtom gets it's act together? If that i…