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  • Then I'll get hold a battery and see how that goes then but, I'll be honest - being from the UK and seeing it's ~$10 in the US but £40 here from the same company? Yeah, might just buy a new unit, that's mental. Cheers for your help though, much obliged.
  • Update 2: Tried holding the power button down for a while, it continually tried to reboot, plays three or four drum beats, cuts out, then flickers for a few seconds and does it again. Tried opening it up - figured unplugging the battery for a while and then plugging it back in might do something (works with other devices -…
  • Update: Left it sitting on the side at the TomTom logo, not plugged into anything, and once every ten minutes or so it flickers, goes blank and back to the logo again. No sounds, nothing.
  • Done that - when powered off, holding the power button, it lights up with the Tom Tom logo after about five seconds, plays part of the drum sound, then that cuts out abruptly and it just sits at the TomTom logo. From that screen, holding the power button for around 30 seconds appears to power it off.
  • Thanks, I did watch that video but am reluctant to start ordering parts or dismantling anything as it did work long enough to do several updates, restart a few times and only after a couple of hours of being okay did it start this up. The drums not completing their little roll, cutting out a beat or two before the end…
  • I'd love to tell you if it did but clicking that link directs me to a page, then immediately back to the front page for this community, and I haven't managed to read more than the first line of the article. Zendesk doing zendesk things I expect. Thanks for trying though, I appreciate it. edit - is there any way to see if…