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  • Whenever I've tried running TomTom Go on Android Auto without internet connection it just fails and get a black screen. Not sure if the issues I had the other day with the app were the cause of driving into an area with poor to no network connection, but TomTom Go could not be used reliably and had nothing but problems…
  • If that is the case then why is it showing £19.99 for the cost of my renewal within the app and not £12.99. Granted it not due for a while, but surely you can get it to show the correct subscription costs for current users
  • @sholm It was mentioned in a reply to review I made that they may add a subscription fee (or they may add the features for free - offline mapping and routing) to the AmiGo product. Not sure if you have used AmiGo especially in Android Auto mode, but it is miles better than TomTom Go which I can't understand why, seeing it…
  • I have to use the mobile app even though I have a Go6200 as the Go6200 can't fit on my windscreen (due to the design of windscreen and TomTom don't do an extended windscreen holder) where I want it without causing an obstruction and the built-in TomTom on my car is useless and out of date and not willing to pay £100 for…
  • you be waiting ages for them to update map errors i've previously logged issues and 5+ years later they are still not updated
  • I have to agree the layout and performace of AmiGo for a free app is a lot better than GO itself, yes you need to be online, but I can't understand why half the features aren't in the paid app as well.
  • @lampard never got that on the AmiGo Android Auto screen, it allowed entry of 1st letter then cancelled input, but left you on the same screen also daft if you can't use voice input to change the route, especially as you can use voice to advise if camera is still there or not. if it can't be used while driving, then the…
  • if google are blocking it, then why does the AmiGo show traffic indicators on Android Auto, it has pop-out to the side showing how long the delay is, surely its not that hard to implement on the subscription version
  • also not sure who responds to your play store reviews, but the instructions are only useful when you fully stopped and not driving - also the crashes happen if you follow the instructions posted as usually start from the app then plug into car for it to then load on android auto
  • @szachowa sent, noticed same appid whether you use the beta or the non-beta version
  • yeh I was in rural scotland and found the issue on latest version as well as previous versions and we shouldn't have to keep reverting to a free app that works offline Not sure why the system can't check when online how long is left on the subscription and set a flag on the product to say when it ends. if the standard…
  • @lampard will it still be the same app id after uninstalling and re-installing the app? Also tried both the beta and normal version and same results with the crashing. I appreciate that AmiGo is online community driven version, but surely the enhancements on that app we should see on the main paid app. Ie during driving I…
  • still crashes after 1 hour 15 minutes and that's even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. again had to revert to a free navigation app. This discussion was created from comments split from: App crashing after installing Samsung android security patch dated 1 July 2021.
  • thanks, what about the app crashing after 1hour and 15minutes of running? Again today this has happened and ended up having to resort to free navigation app to work, as couldn't really stop on a motorway to exit everything and restart the tomtom app. it's now become unreliable if have a journey over 75 minutes
  • The icon is there on the AmiGo when in Android Auto mode according to the app screenshots on Google Play Store - it shows distance to redlight camera and icony below showing the speed limit and your speed, something like that would be good on the paid app, especially regarding the cameras
  • I've noticed it cuts of what you are listening to. I know on built-in Tomtom on car it lowers the volume of what listen to. I'll check if Google does same (I would check sygic, but they want annual subscription for using android auto and that even if you had already bought premium features), but I'm sure that reduces the…
  • Noticed that you can start app on phone without the error message about subscription, but when then connect to android auto the car display will show the message, but if you switch app on car you still get instructions, so this is an android auto bug.
  • Only problem you may have is if you use android auto, without internet when you start app on Android auto you can't use it
  • It's not down to July update as I'm running on S20FE 5G and it crashes after 1 hour of running.
  • @rabero1985 yes Sygic do use TomTom maps, traffic and cameras. I was beta testing Sygic until they wanted £35 for me to continue beta testing their product. And when I wanted to log issues, was told had to be done by their facebook page, which you had to sign-up for and you never got accepted, even though you were a beta…
  • you will now need two seperate subscriptions for tomtom , but you can both use the same addresses for my places, all you need to do under the cloud services is use a generic email login which doesn't have to be tied to your google account.
  • @szachowa on the PND, I can say 'hey tomtom navigate home' or choose a destination in my places
  • @szachowa so do you have to say the full sequence ie 'navigate to a postcode/location' for it to find somewhere and then you have to manually select or is it the same as what would get on your pnd's? Also in future updates will we be able to select a place on our car screen or move the map? Will there be a route bar? You…
  • i have both my subscribed version installed and the beta installed to get the AA side of it. I have noticed if I add a place in the beta version when open the app on my phone, this is not passed to the android auto options, so have to search for it again as only a limited number of places are given. Anyone else noticed this
  • that's brilliant news, i can't understand why sygic are charging for this