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  • UPDATE #2: The above action appears to have fixed the 'No audio instructions...' issue - for now at least!
  • UPDATE: Not sure if this will be a 'permanent fix' @LukaszG but here's what I found... I activated Voice Control then asked for the 'next instruction' on the current route - Bingo! All audio instructions for the current route returned. I will see if they are still there next time I 'boot up'...
  • Same problem, same device... After struggling to find the sound settings buried deep in Settings (not helpful!) I checked all the obvious things you mention - no go! Did a restart - no go! Next stop, I fear, will be seeking Tt repair service...
  • Not sure if I am missing something here, but the replies so far don't seem to answer the OP's actual question... How to Edit/Delete the random Contacts that appear in the MyDrive app??? I have the same issue but have no idea where MyDrive 'pulls' the contacts from - Samsung Contacts list, Google Contacts (I have both on my…
  • Thanks, @YamFazMan - I kind of knew it wasn't possible but hoped there maybe a way, using the IFTTT app integration! Maybe Tt will add this feature in the future... Otherwise, I guess I will just have to rely on a second device - my mobile - and good old Google =)
  • Thanks, LAURE123. I will check this out. (one of the disadvantages of no longer having a physical Instruction Manual is the difficulty of finding what you are looking for - especially on a handheld device!)
  • Thanks @YamFazMan - so far I have only been playing with it indoors, so maybe it hasn't picked up a satellite signal yet!
  • Thanks @YamFazMan - That explains a lot. So, is the 'magnetic' mount compatible with all current Tt satnav devices, regardless of size? I guess if Tt are now using these magnetic mount devices, that means that their satnavs must have a certain amount of magnetic material in the casing, right?
  • Gotcha... If I need 2 separate devices anyway (as I don't want to abandon TT completely!) the dashcam might as well be a dedicated device.