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  • an example of what I mean. I wanted to make it easier to find a route so I added a suffix E- in front of the original file name. Removed the route from the 400 and then reloaded using the revised file name.
    in file names Comment by tugman August 2019
  • Hi YamFazMan Thanks for coming back. I have tried to use your suggestion but found it would not work in this case plus I kept getting a message that Google maps cannot load even though a map was showing. So I gave up. As mydrive only allows the import of gpx files that was of on help either. I have now found a work around…
  • Hi Chris As you may have gathered I am not that ok when it comes to setting up this Bluetooth system but after a lot and trial and error I have succeeded in patching in the 450 with my tablet and have just transferred my first file using Bluetooth via the share option. At your suggestion as a backup I have also transferred…
  • Thanks Chris you have been very helpful and I am almost there I think, but its taking a long time to transfer the data. I am using the Bluetooth file transfer option. The 450 is now showing on the tablet but it states that the incorrect pin number was used. I cannot find where to input the pin number. Each time I repair…
  • Thanks for your help, I have managed to transfer a file from the card to the 450 and also managed to get the 450 to connect to my galaxy 5 phone once I had activated the Bluetooth tethering mode and sent route to the phone. Both the phone and the 450 confirmed that the transfer had been completed. But I could not find…
  • the small sim card in the slot at the rear of the 450 unit. It would appear that can move route to the card but not in the opposite direction.
  • micro sim card, the small one in the slot at the rear of the unit.
  • If clear and reload the file it should allow you to choose between going back to the start or the next way point along the route. I also thought that if you zoomed in and pressed the screen further along the route line it offered the option of starting the route from there.
  • By the question was not answered why is built in traffic not available as an option on the 400 like on car sets. This having to activate the tehering option on my phone is a right pain as everytime my 400 turns of it uncouples the connecton. It means that I can not just stop for a cuppa without having to mess about…
  • Why is life becoming so complicated as afterall most of us just want to plug in and get on with what we want to do. One thing, if a usb port is enabled but not in use how does that effect the battery performance.?
  • When I plan a run using my route app you can down load it in most formats ( I find the TT system not very user friendly. When I use the drop/drag method on the computer to my TT400 I get a route and a track showing. I generally use gpx1.1 but if things go wrong on the road I can reload the itn option, by doing so I am able…
  • Tanks for your help. I always wondered what a tracklog was for. A it happens Iprinted of the two sections and used them to help me produce a new track.
  • I have noticed that on my Samsung J5 phone that the hotspot disconnects automatically if the power to the unit is turn off, say at rest stops.
  • I use a slightly doomed in setting on a route but have found that if I go out and then come back in the zoom has returned to the standard setting. It would be helpful if once the zoom has been set for a particular route it stays that way until changed by the user.
  • https://itisridingtime.com/general-stuff/satnav-vs-speedometer/ This may answer your query.
  • Try checking your route prior to leaving with Google maps as that will show any hold ups along the way plus the anticipated additional time or just start out earlier and if early stop for a cuppa near your destination to relax. On my 400 I find that the destination time is varying all the time depending on the speed and…
  • You just buy a cheap universal mount and adapt it like I have done as the speakers are now built into the 400 unit itself and use the usb socket and 2amp supply via the onboard car power supply plug.
  • I also used my old rider2 up until 2016 as I found that generally the roads have not changed that much and if I found myself riding in a field I just keep going and sooner or later you would pick up the old road. I am generally refering to UK and European roads in my case.
  • I have recently sold my one and bought a new 400 although I was not aware that TT had stopped supporting it. The problem is that the sim card is only capable of updating maps to 2009 as the later ones have so much more data on them. Plus the later unit/system works differently as it is aligned to be used with a mobile…
  • Hi Kex Sorry but I have just look and can not find the location as I had replanned the route. If I come across it again I will report it now I know how. Cheers
  • Hi I am glad that I am not the only one confused by this track v route business and yes I have come across the round the block situation while planning a ride in the past while the road I wanted was perfectly useable. Not sure if this may help but recently I got stuck while on a ride and could not follow the planned…
  • where do I find this map share reporter. Do I have to stop and report this at the location while on a ride?
  • I suffered a similar thing when riding the other day. Loaded a route then changed the on unit format from windy to fastest option. I then then spent the next hour being taken down all sorts of back roads until In the end I stopped, clear the route and reloaded it. From then on everything went as originally planned. Ie…
  • Going by my experience it will take you more that a few hours to get use to using all the attributes on a tomtom. I have had a 400 for two years and am still learning, but I do tend to be one of those type of people that learn on the job as it where.