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  • I found by not connecting device to computer before opening up MY Drive Connect and signing in...then connect device and switch problems anymore
  • I found by not connecting my device to computer and switching it on...before opening up My Drive and signing in..everything works.. Open up My Drive Connect.....Sign in....connect device to computer....switch on device...wait till it connects..
  • I had the same problem with My Drive Connect ..not connecting to device...I uninstalled My Drive connect...then installed it again...same thing... Then the penny dropped...I had my device connected and on when I opened the new My Drive I unplugged device..switched it off....With My Drive Connect open...plugged…
  • Good the past any time I had a problem... "server busy" etc ..I always used Revo hasn't let me down yet...I realise it will not solve every problem..but I think it is worth a try
  • When you say you tried all the uninstall stuff..did you try using Revo uninstaller?...this is a free program that removes all remnants of an uninstall using a windows uninstall...if you try it remember and click on SCAN after the initial uninstall..then "select all" then delete...this will be a clean uinstall... so you can…
  • When you uninstall remnants of the program are left behind which could still cause you do a clean uninstall free Revo it to uninstall My drive...remember and click on SCAN after part one of the uninstall finishes...a list comes up of what was on Select all and…
  • Please bear with me as I don't want to insult anyone but I think it is important... When you use Revo Uninstaller and you click on the program you want to is important to note that the first part of uninstalling is done by Windows Uninstall....after it is done you must click SCAN..this is where Revo comes in…
  • Personally I found any problems updating ,logging on ETC..I just uninstall MY Drive Connect using free version of Revo Uninstaller...then Reinstall My Drive connect.... If you do this and click uninstall from Revo uninstaller list..initially it uninstalls using windows uninstaller...after it has finished you have to click…
  • If it happens again during a download..I will check network adapter..if it shows OK then I'll ignore the window telling me it cannot connect to device if it is downloading OK Thanks for answering
  • Via 1515...never had any problems in the past...seems last 2 appeared .the computer did not sense device... but the device was downloading as normal...I just plugged in my device and checked device showed Tom Tom in network that's OK....strange
  • thanks rider1rider...been downloading for years ..but this is first time saw this window about device not connected....yet my device was downloading you say it could have sensed a something not 100% but wasn't enough to stop the download but enoug to trigger a warning
    in Glitch Comment by tollcross April 2020
  • If you use the Revo on My Drive Connect from the list then click this point it is Windows uninstaller that is doing the uninstall after it creates a restore point...after it is finished click scan...this is the Revo unistaller working...when it is finished it shows a list of left over…
  • I found by installing free Revo uninstaller...and uninstalling My Drive connect...then reinstalling My Drive Connect...everything is updating.... Revo uninstaller removes all remnants of a program so it gives you a clean reinstall.. After it runs initially...and finishes .. remember and click SCAN and delete everything…
  • To solve many update problems...servers busy have to remove My Drive connect for free Revo Uninstaller. and uninstall My Drive connect....this program removes all remnants of a program....after uninstalling reinstall My drive connect
  • You have to remove MyDrive Connect do this Download a free program called .Revo Uninstaller...this removes all remnants of any program...them reinstall My Drive Connect
  • You have to remove MyDrive connect for free ..Revo uninstaller..this program completely removes all remnants of a program....once it removes My Drive Connect...then reinstall it
  • I have been trying to update my VIA 1515 for last couple of weeks but no good ..server problem they said...i reinstalled MyDrive connect ...without totally removing old one..still no good....I have a program called Revo uninstaller which is free and it totally removes all remnants of any program you uninstall...I ran it…
  • Thank you dhn
  • Missed on my last post ... my device is a VIA 1515