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  • I have just ordered a Garmin 780 from amazon and have been in touch with their customer support to see if I can send it back should it be of no use they said that I can. If tomtom had redesigned the via 135 to look like the Go Camper but left the original software with maybe some upgrades then I would have had no problem…
  • Thanks for all your help Doug it looks as though even though support has stopped for my via 135 I will continue to use it and send the Go Camper back, I have also been looking at the Garmin camper models and they do things like the via 135 but will have to find out. Ken
  • Thanks Doug In the 135 when you set a destination and you start to drive along the route if you pass a petrol station that has LPG ( which is the poi's that I have put on it) the get a voice warning saying" LPG gas station 250 yards" does the Go Camper do that, if it does is it automatic or do you have to enable it? if the…
  • Also on page 60 of the go camper manual it shows a list of poi icons why can you not use one of those
  • PS you could buy a camper map for it but if support is no longer available then i do'nt know
  • Hi The tomtom via 135 beats the socks off all the latest tomtom's but alas support is no longer available, but you can asign your own icons to poi's, it's easy to use, tap on navigate to, it shows you a favorits screen tap on that it shows you all your saved destinations (which you can add to very easily) tap on any one,…
  • Hi Doug How do I show the poi's that I have downloaded onto the Go Camper "along the route" I have tried so many ways and cannot do it, if you cannot then this device isn't a patch on the older via 135 what happened to the old directive K.I.S.S. this go camper is so hard to get it to do what you want it to do and sometimes…
  • Thanks again Doug I am getting to know a bit more each time I switch it on and do things on it
  • Am I right in assuming that the section marked "My Places " is the same as "favourites" section in the via 135, but if you add an ov2 file to it, it cannot be deleted, the only things that can be deleted are the actual items that you put there by using the "add" button
  • Thanks for that Doug
  • Hi all, I have several ov2 files (of the type LPG) and want to combine them into one file with the same bitmap image can anyone suggest simple software that will do this (it has to be for dummies)
  • Thanks for the time being Doug, you seem very knowledgeable can I get back to you for more answers when they crop up?
  • Question 3 I have multiple poi's on my 135 in several different categories have I got to load each one separately onto the Go Camper eg:- I have loaded lpg poi onto the camper but I have different ones for different companies can I not group all the lpg poi's into one poi and put that onto the camper
  • Question 2 I have the my drive connect on my pc for the via 135 I updated it to include the Go Camper but it does not go any further than a screen which shows a tv and a message that says update the easy way. what I require is the "my Drive" not the "My Drive Connect " so that I can add poi's etc but it must be for a…
  • this of course is on the Go Camper the ov2 list is in the section marked "my places"
  • First of all I have managed to put an ov2 file of the favourites list I had on the via 135 but can I delete those destinations from the list that I no longer use, if not then will I have to create an ov2 file with just say 1 item in it which I would not delete and then add to it. that is the first question
  • Also it looks (I could be wrong) as thought you cannot transfer the destinations in the favourites section of the via 135 to the Go Camper, anyway what in the Go Camper is the equivalent to the favourites section in the via 135
  • Hi I have just posted this https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/comment/1688273#Comment_1688273 It seems that all owners are experiencing problems with the New Go Camper and this is not a hardware problem it is a software problem and the sooner the boffins at Tomtom get to grips with it the better, the via…
  • The only solution is to use a camper map where the device allows you to input your outfits dimentions, so for narrow lanes make sure you input a dimension that is larger than the narrow lane and the tomtom will not use that road. I have a via 135 and it allows you to block roads of your choice so that it does not use those…
  • Ah I think that that is a step backwards, why? a road in the peak district called lodge lane is a terrible road for caravans, it is a steep hill and half way up is a hairpin bend that cannot be negotiated unless you move your outfit over onto the wrong side of the road, something coming the other way and CRASH, try it on…