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  • Same problem here, but with an iPhone. Sometimes syncs immediately; other times takes numerous attempts over an hour involving turning off Bluetooth and back on; unpairing the watch then re-pairing. Very unsatisfactory.
  • I have had a similar problem persistently and over a long period - crazy HRM peaks and continuously running 40 - 50 BPM above accurate. There is no simple explanation - some are at the start of a run, others part way through. Some last for a few minutes, others last over an hour. All of which makes it a wholly unreliable…
  • im having a similar problem, repeatedly with failure to sync. * my phone & watch are physically right next to each other. * the watch says it is connected to the phone * the phone says it is connected to the watch * i “wake up” the watch by pressing down from the clock screen * i pull down the app screen to search for the…
  • Could do that, but it kinda defeats getting a wrist based HRM and watch to go with it. Like I said earlier, if I knew there would be these problems, I could have just bought a chest HRM and uploaded some free apps to my iPhone to get the same (or more accurate) data and saved myself a couple of hundred quid - not to…
  • TT has replaced it and still the same problems arises, so I think it is something in the design combined with something in my own physiology. I see that it works for most people with good accuracy on the HRM, but the point is it doesn't work for me. I can't be the only one! When I "borrow" my partner's Garmin I get…
  • If HRM accuracy is key to your use, I would think very hard before using the Spark. I use the Adventurer, so not direct comparison, but I believe the HRM units are the same. IN my experience, the HRM is woefully inconsistent - around half the time it is accurate, but then the other half it is grossly inaccurate, by which I…
  • No idea how to post a picture of it, but you are right about the location - it is in the bottom left corner of the main clock screen just above the the PM sign is. It doesn't disappear if I switch to 24 hours. It is in white (same colour as the clock digits) against the black background. It looks like a white square with a…