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  • Well, after exchanging several emails, pictures and videos, they've asked me to sent it back to them for repair, which will cost 100 EUR plus - clearly, not very feasible. The device has been used very little and the fault is obviously a software one. The state of TT support is rather ... not inspiring.
  • For some reason the support sub-site only works on my tablet :-))) I managed to connect with a real (?) person, we've spent some time establishing that I have already gone through all the routine resets, recoveries etc. and she is now "escalating" the issues and the pictures I've sent and (hopefully) getting back with a…
  • Hi, I can't get through and I've been trying for hours. Now the stupid support page keeps refreshing as soon as the chat window opens and it happens in both Edge and Opera. WHAT THE >>> IS WRONG WITH TT - does anything they do work?!
  • Hi Doug, Thank you for trying to help, mate! As I mentioned in my initial post, I was able to factory reset the device and it now boots to language selection menu, meaning that MyDrive settings on the device are reset and it is not syncing. Unfortunately, it still keeps restarting after a few seconds, even if I leave it in…
  • Believe me, I tried - "i've been chatting with the bot for a while. It appears to me that this is an issue with the map update - is there a way to completely erase and reformat the internal memory and reinstall the map? This appears to be a well known issue that should have a well known solution and yet it doesn't. The…
  • Also - battery saving option is gone - why would anyone even consider removing a battery saving option from a mobile phone app? - the option to remove the gimmicky 3D buildings is gone with the battery saving option - does anyone really care about the 3D cubes that sometimes hide the route?. I DO like that the sidebar now…
  • Shouldn't be that complicated - we are not all dedicated to beta-testing.
  • You use your more expensive device on your motorcycle - that's brave :-)) My motorcycle eats OIS for breakfast. Anyway, the new TTGo app (2.x) is a joke - it looks pretty much like a completely ignorant start-up had taken over TT and is learning from scratch ... make that NOT learning from scratch :-) Pity, really, as the…
  • And the "battery saver" feature is gone. In addition to supposedly saving battery, it was also removing the annoying 3D buildings from the screen. Why would anyone consider removing a battery saving feature from a mobile app. I don't think any of the developers actually used a nav app in their life beyond their daily…
  • Does it sync with MyDrive? Because many apps take you where you wanna go. The thing that makes Go somewhat unique (well, in a limited group :-) is its ability to automatically sync and guide you along routes you've created online.
  • Do you really want to update after everything you've read above for the new (2.x) version :-)))
  • @RoadRider Hi, I just wanted to ask you if the TT Rider still recalculates a track synced through MyRoutes if you just open it but don't hit "Drive" and just follow it in 3d navigation view?
  • Once you have completed re-building sync and transition to the new maps, will this mean that the dedicated TomTom GPS devices will no longer sync? I have a Via - will it become immediately obsolete losing the MyRoutes sync?.
  • Does it have MyRoutes syncing or theme colours are deemed more important?
  • Hi @lamapard, I suppose the Amigo still does so e sort of map data caching. How does that work? For example, if I lose data connection temporarily will it still work? What if I lose connection for a longer period of time after I have already started navigation (does it cache the entire route)? Thank you, Peter
    in Offline Maps Comment by petak May 2020
  • Couldn't agree more with every single word. It's rare to see a case where customers actively ask for an update NOT to be released :-)))
  • What if you have bought the app? This is a big let down on behalf of TomTom - people should not be forced to update when the updated app is missing essential functionality such as MyDrive Sync. In fact, the new version shouldn't have been released at all with such a gross omission - it's basically a beta that is being…
  • @jurgen So, the GO apps are the Apple ones and the Android ones are those without GO - TT GPS Navigation?
  • So, which one is it? And what are these "performance and quality indicators"? They must be based on the "quality and performance" of the users, not the app, because what else is different? Both posts are from the last few days, BTW.
  • Hi YamFazMan :-) Thanks for the suggestion, but I do prefer the 3D guidance view. TT is the first app that I have tried that does not have an option to hide the buildings and I am not particularly keen on paying annual subscription fee for an app that lacks basic customisation. It's not like TT is the only one :-) Does…
  • @nvasques_here exactly. These 3D buildings are some childish stupidity - they might as well put dinosaurs on the screen - would be just as accurate :-))
  • Thank you, Lampard, but, as I said, there is no such option in "Guidance View".
  • Thank you. You have created some very useful tools. Is my understanding correct that once you hit "Drive" the app/TT device recalculates the synced MyRoutes even if they are synced as tracks? If so ,there is no reason why the Stops added in MyDrive should not be displayed on the recalculated route? Also, if the synced…