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He already has but for some reason they keep deleting the thread. It seems other people are reporting the same problem. Don't know if the phone is a factor - Sony .


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  • I just had the same problem and this fixed it. Thanks.
  • Unfortunately this problem has returned and seems worse than ever. App constantly crashing. Only solution seems to be to clear all data, start the app again and log in but this seems to only work a couple of times before it starts crashing again. No response from TT.
  • They've just released an update of the app for android! It doesn't specifically say what the update is for but fingers crossed.
  • It's a known bug with android 9. If you can get the app to run then once you have closed it, go in to your phone's memory and delete the TomTom folder. Do not use the app to look at activities, just for uploading activities and updating the quickGPS. Also, if you could report it here using live chat…
  • After a few weeks of the app working fine it is back to constantly crashing again. I can't get the watch to forget the phone it says you need to do it via the app which is of course impossible. I'll try a factory reset again. TomTom say they are going to release a bug fix because apparently they had enough users report…
  • Evie. Live chat are hopeless. All you need to do is look in your phone memory and delete the TomTom mysports folder and it will work again. Do not use the app to view your activities - go to the mysports website
  • At last, there is a solution to this problem of constant crashing. First delete the tt folder on your phone. That's it. You don't need to do a factory reset or unpair the watch or Uninstall the app. Secondly - do not look at your activity on the app. Just use the app for uploading your activities and update the quickGPS…
  • You, sir are an absolute star! I've been tearing my hair out with this problem for 3 months and tt customer service have been useless. All this Uninstalling, factory reset, Unpair etc which doesn't work. And all you need to do is delete the tt folder and nothing else. And then crucially only use the app to upload your…
  • I hope they can fix it 😥 because apart from this problem, I love the watch. I've had it 3 years and it does everything I need it to do. Afaik it was the first GPS watch with a heart monitor to have music built in. I love being able to just head out on a run with only the watch and headphones with no need to carry a phone.
  • I wouldn't hold my breath. Support now is non existent. The people in India have been fobbing me off for 2 months. They even told me to update the Go Mobile app - which is a sat nav app, nothing to do with the watch. I'm at the point where I really want some sort of compensation from TomTom, because the watch is now…
  • That's fine if you are at home and have access to a PC. But it's no good if you are travelling and reliant on the mobile app.
  • Getting really fed up with this. I have reported this problem to TT several times, the first time being over 2 months now and nothing has been done. It's a shame as the watch itself is a great piece of hardware let down by rubbish software and non existent support.
  • Update - this was only a temporary fix. If you delete the data from the app and start again it works for a period of time and then keeps crashing. All the steps suggested - factory reset of watch etc make no difference. Obviously a patch is needed for Android 9
  • Still not fixed. If you delete the data from the app and start again it works for a period of time and then keeps crashing. All the steps suggested - factory reset of watch etc make no difference.
  • Thanks - this worked. The only problem I found was that my phone did not forget the device - when I reinstalled the app it had still remembered it - so I unpaired it from the app and then re-paired and was OK. The only other thing is I notice that on the app the icon for waiting for watch/preparing to synch is now PURPLE…
  • Yes tried that unfortunately no good. I haven't done a factory reset of the watch itself yet but can't do that until I get back.
  • However, lately the app seems to be stable and isn't crashing. If I open the app first, switch on Bluetooth and then connect the watch it has worked a few times. I'm not sure why it is now working, nothing has changed. I will continue to monitor.
  • I did all the steps above except factory reset of the watch. The app worked the first time when setting up and updated quick GPS etc but every time since it crashes.
  • My phone recently upgraded to android 9. Since then the TomTom app won't work. It crashes every time you open it. I have raised it with tt. They suggested reinstalling the app after deleting the tt folder on the phone and unpairing the watch. Unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem so I suspect the app needs a bug…
  • That didn't last long. I kept using the watch with the memory showing 2/5 full, then it started to show that the quick GPS wasn't up to date - and updating via the app or PC made no difference. So I had to do another factory reset to fix it which as per usual corrupts the music so had to delete and reload all the…
  • Thanks. OK I did that. I called them and explained the problem. They said what I could try is to do a factory reset, then delete the music and reformat the drive on the watch, then out the music back on. The phone operator then also checked her own TomTom watch and it was showing 2/5 bars full on her memory! She said that…
  • Happened to me *again* - showing up as 2/5 full. So I have to do another factory reset. What really hacks me off is that once you do this - the music is all scrambled and you have to go through the very laborious process of deleting the music and adding the playlists all over again :(
  • This happened again - memory showing up as 2/5 full after transferring data to app. Connceting to PC made no difference. Vert frustrating as only solution is factory reset so lose all the settings on the watch. Also even though it says it doesn't affect your playlists this is in fact false. The music is all scrambled so…
  • Thanks, it did work though was a bit of a b***ache as I did have to put all the music back on again as the playlist was once again corrupted. However, it is now showing the memory as empty. Thanks!
  • Was working fine, now suddenly today not synching at all. Samsung S5 mini Android 6.0.1 TTS 9.0.2