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  • Update. Managed to make Android Auto work just by finding a way with some obd2 tools and software. Forced my way in the system and enabled Android Auto function That is installed in the latest update but not available unless you enable it. have been using it sense jun 2019 with out problems.
  • yeah this is all very strange. At this moment I have given up, waiting for Renault to do something about this problem. I am messing with the rlink system and enabeling android Auto (wich is not availble in the Rlink 1 but can be made enabled wit some minor hacking) getting android auto on my smartphone (again not avalible…
  • well yes and no. They have a map of Iceland that is available on some devices but what I can´t under stand and no one seems to be able to answer is why do tom tom not make that map available in the Rlink 1. There are ALOT of zoe´s here in Iceland that need that map
  • Can anyone help me with this problem? I have talked with r-link help line, the dealers here in Iceland and the Renault dealers in UK but no one can help. Best regards. Örn
  • ohh man I have tried. There are idiots working at the dealers here in Iceland and they cant give any answers. And when I contact Renault somewhere else they tell me to contact Renault Icland. hahaha its a disaster.
  • mmmmm ok I know that there is a European 45 countries map available but in the R-link it does not include Iceland. So I need the north Europe Map to be available because that includes Iceland.
  • And this helps me how?