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  • I think I have tried doing this (I'm not sure what you mean by "retrieve"). I have deleted the new Maps from the device that seems to have been the root of all the problems and then copied back what I believe to be the old set of maps, that worked fine before I tried the update, using the Windows File Manager. But this…
  • :( I did as suggested and TomTom will reimburse me for the duplicate purchases - so good. Also spoke with a tech chap who was helpful but after trying various things the 720 is not working at all. On start up it just cycles around the initial screen asks me to set the preferences as if it was new operating system and then…
  • Phoned UK Support services. Voice message said TomTom HOME support only through the web site. It seems it is not possible to speak to a person. If the device is more than 5 years old (which it is but is very reliable so why change?) then no updates provided. If so, then why does HOME allow a user to buy a map going all the…
  • Thanks for that information. Neither the Go 720 nor the 740 is listed as past End of Life. I use TomTom HOME, and it does update my operating system and the QuickGPS but only offers a annual subscription for 4 quarterly map updates. I don't want these just the current Western Europe which I've tried to buy through Map…