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  • As nobody on here seems to know the answer and after contacting TomTom support, who really didn't read/answer my question properly, I finally received this slopey shoulder response! "I am sorry to inform you that there is an ongoing issue with the a…
  • Thanks again. That's far too complicated! I'm planning a track (or route) from my current location to the final destination. It still doesn't explain why the route I choose in MyDrive does not transfer to the device. Surely that route should transfe…
  • Many thanks, that possibly works. However, when I select the "track" on the device there's a screen message - "Drive to..... Nearest Point Starting Point" What's all that about? Which do I select? It's crazy that the fastest route I select, first o…
  • Just to finalise on my part. I've given up with this device now because of the non existence of "Live Traffic". It does work as a navigation tool but £60 would have bought that! I use Google Maps, their traffic works.
  • "Thanks for the serial number. The services look okay to me. Could you just do factory reset on the device and log in again and follow the pairing steps on the video as shown below:" I know you are trying to help, Vikram but I refer you to my pos…
  • The device connects to my router via wifi and updates when avaialble. Yes, I am logged in to my account with both the the device and app.. The problem is not related to the device and it's wifi connecivilty nor the navigation. Nor is it a Bluetooth …
  • It's not really surprising that the MyDrive app. only has a 3 star rating in Playstore!
  • Hello Doug, location is on. It's in phone settings - security, location. MyDrive map shows my exact location as does the device. YamFazMan - Bluetooth/Phone
  • Sorry, can't do that. Deleted the e-mails. All they were able to advise was to connect to the device, via Bluetooth, using the app.. I've done all that, numerous times. Removed the app and re-installed numerous times. Carried out a "soft" reboot of …
  • "Are any of the other satnavs any better? Or are they all in the same dire straits?" In my experience, yes to the first sentence and no to the second. Although one of the other brands that I can't mention does have inferior traffic. Some Smartphone…
  • No hope and Bob Hope spring to mind. One of them died years ago too.
  • "Looking at your device details I see that you already have the map installed v10.15, you may want to check this on your device- see here." Yes VikramK, I do now have 10.15. However, it took four attempts and two phone calls, at my expense, before …
  • "We've just released the new maps v10.15 (PNDs/Motorcycle/Automotive/Truck/Camper). They are now available for download." Really? Most definitely not showing as available when logged in to My Drive. The device is up to date,(Go6100)except for this l…