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  • My problem was solved six months ago when I reported it, but there seems to have been a sudden rash of people commenting. For info, the problem in my case was lack of space (though why the system couldn't have given an error message to that effect I don't know). The solution was to install a very small map first (because…
  • Hi @DougLap and @lampard Many thanks for your help. I have installed the Iraq map on the device, uninstalled the Europe map and am now installing it on the card, which will take another hour or so but at least the update is running! Many apologies, Doug, for giving the wrong model number - I had in mind that it was a 5000…
  • Hi @DougLap Many thanks - that sounds like a plan! As a matter of interest, can I ask how this forum is connected to the TomTom support you get by raising queries with them? Usually these forums are quite separate from the company in question, but if you can add maps to my account then clearly you are part of the official…
  • Hi @DougLap I'm afraid I still haven't got any further. Is there any way of explicitly telling MyDrive Connect to download the new map to the memory card - I suspect that it is trying to update it where it currently, in the device memory. I did raise the problem with TomTom support nearly a week ago, but I have had no real…
  • Hi @Willy875 Thanks, but I have restarted repeatedly, by removing the USB cable, by switching the device off, or by closing MyDrive Connect, but it always comes back to the Updating screen with nothing happening.
  • Hi @DougLap OK, I have got a 32gb card, put it into my device and formatted it for maps. When I go into MyDrive Connect it recognises that the SD card is there. But when I try to do the update it still puts a message saying that the map is too big and can only be installed without Russia (which is fine), and also saying…
  • Hi @DougLap Many thanks for this. I will get a card and get a card and see how I get on. Matthew
  • Hi @DougLap Thanks for this. No I don't have any memory card. This had crossed my mind, but I assumed that if there was not enough room the installation software would be clever enough to say so. If not then I need to have a look at what I need to get. I haven't checked the manual yet, but there is a slot on the bottom of…