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  • Drive to select is infuriating. This junction has a dedicated right turn lane. The green line is a faster route, hurrah, and seems to be indicating to bear right in order to take it. Wrong, at the last moment you notice the green line is actually indicating a left turn. By the time you realise you'll be in the dedicated…
  • Yeah that's literally what existed before this silly change was rolled out. Under settings there was a section titled "when a faster route is available" and you could select: - stay on current route - ask the driver - always take the fastest route They could have left these options in place even with the new functionality…
  • I can only assume they took away the settings for this in order to simplify the codebase but it feels like a huge step backward. Some people want the ability to choose on the fly - this makes sense. But making it necessary to keep scanning the app for green lines and then figuring out how to get to them while driving a…
  • I agree that removing the option to "always take the fastest route" was a really bad design choice. It makes the product significantly worse with no benefit at all.
  • It's now been more than 2 years since this issue was raised and it remains unresolved. TomTom do not even contact me anymore, it's clear they don't care about their users so I've stopped using their app. CoPilot has better features anyway, including custom POIs which you can't do with TomTom Go. So long and thanks for all…
  • It's pretty clear at this point that TomTom don't care about their users. I will not be renewing my subscription at the end of the 3-year free term.
  • I have said pretty much this in response. It seems like this guy is fighting our case at least.
  • Dear Ms Wadham, The reference number for your query is 180501-xxxxxxx. It's xxx from TomTom Customer Care again. Thank you for your patience while I have been looking into this. When you originally reported this and the forum you showed me was active, we had someone by the name of Mikko helping you guys and collecting all…
  • I got a reply from someone else just now. Aside from addressing me as "Ms" it seems fairly positive. Dear Ms Wadham, Hello, This is Carl from the TomTom Customer Care team. I am contacting you regarding your e mail to Harold Goddijn’s office which we have received this week at our Headquarters in Amsterdam. The reference…
  • I emailed him about another issue some years ago and got a reply fairly quickly. It is possible that upper management are not aware of the issue and the PR problems and lost revenue that it might end up causing.
  • I have emailed the CEO of TomTom requesting some kind of update on this issue. Email text below. If we don't have a reply within a few days I guess we can conclude that they really don't care. Dear Mr Goddijn I am sorry to have to email you directly but other channels have proved fruitless. Are you aware that TomTom Go…
  • https://twitter.com/TomTom/status/989156218521481216 weasels
  • Yep they don't care. I've had a support ticket open since early november and no updates on the issue since December. The only suggestions were basic 1stline nonsense like uninstalling and reinstalling the app. To add insult to injury, someone from TomTom replied yesterday to my 1-star review asking me to uninstall and…
  • TomTom support are unbelievable in their denial of this issue. I've raised this with support and got the following responses: 1) Generic silly reset suggestions, ie restart the phone, toggle location services off/on, reset network settings etc. 2) Install another GPS app and "see if it gets a signal" - totally missing the…
  • @Nickkky let us know how you get on. I've raised a support case with TomTom, I don't expect much will happen. If you figure out a way to get the money back that they stole from us with the false promise of lifetime service please let us all know.
  • It's definitely a software issue, I just went out for a drive with apple maps on and it tracked my position much more accurately, almost in perfect realtime. Turns were right on the button, not lagging several seconds behind like TomTom. They really need to fix this, it's going to ruin their brand.
  • I have the same problem using the latest Go Mobile on a brand new iPhone 8 running iOS 11.1. Curiously I didn't seem to experience this issue on my iPhone SE before I upgraded. Maybe there's some difference in the GPS chips, but in any case other GPS applications are not affected so it's obviously something to do with the…