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  • My subscription ended as well and I'm not planning to re-subscribe to an app without improvements, but just reduction of functionality with the next update. So back to the PND. As I'm riding motorcycle most of the time when on the road, and TT doesn't really have anything available for this category of vehicles (no, the…
  • You have no idea about which poi's I need, so does TT. Hence the necessity for 3rd party poi's. If you don't need them, good for you, but please realise that everybody has different needs.
  • POI pocket seems to be a nice workaround (only played with it for 5 minutes) Manually dragging *.OV2 files to the POI directory doesn't work for me (v2.0.5) as the folder contents of com.tomtom.gplay.navapps.nds\files\ is hidden. (used to work for v1.18.1) Is your phone rooted?
  • @tgold : What I normally see is that new roads are already on the map during the construction phase. Same for new exits etc. Some roads are on the map 2 years prior to opening. The 'traffic' option in the app ensures that these new to build roads are not taken into account in the route calculation, they are marked as being…
  • OK, let's agree we don't agree. For a new release, of whatever type of app, I expect improvements. I don't expect reduction of functionality. Routes and 3rd party POI's not compatible with new maps? Come on, these are just lists of coordinates. A *.GPX and *.OV2 don't work, but come up with some conversion software to use…
  • Disagree with that. Roads do not change significantly on a weekly base. An update every 3-4 months is sufficient. Even TT had the same opinion. In the past (pnd's running navcore) there used to be weekly map updates. But TT stopped this as it was considered unnecessary.
  • Guess it's another way of showing TT that releasing a new version with less functionality is not a way to satisfy their customers. Sure we can use other platforms, but then TT doesn't know the reason why other apps are preferred above their own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against changes as long as things improve.…
  • If it is mainly traffic, Sygic is pretty good. At least for Western Europe, don't know about other areas.
  • Currently looking into Osmand as alternative. + POI and gpx track import is possible + For speedcams and traffic using TT's AmiGo as overlay. - Usage is not really straight forward yet, guess I simply need to play with it a bit more.
  • Just installed v2.0.4, but unfortunately no improvements. - POI's from MyDrive still won't synchronize. - Routes from MyDrive still won't synchronize. - To change route-settings from "fastest" to "avoid highway", permanent options in the settings menu have to be changed. (used to be easy via "change route type") Already…