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  • "Or an option to Warn about the location of each Camera whether it's a live Camera location or a false positive" That would be great!!!
  • Yeah... I actually agree 100% on that. So far there's been no problems but I guess I'll start taking it off again :/ I'm not sure though what kind of battery issues there would be since my navigator is plugged in all the time. When car starts, navigator gets power and vice versa. I definitely wouldn't recommend leaving it…
  • Agreed. Although here in Finland we don't have quite the same system like in UK. Here the speeding fines goes truly deep in your pocket based on your income :'( If that truly is a tom tom feature that it won't make the warning sound if the camera is out of the box I'd still prefer warning sound alarm regardless.
  • Maybe obvious question but have you checked your device memory status and do you have additional SD card installed. There might be a free memory issue? I recently updated my own navigator and device memory was almost full e.g. no room for map share community update. If there's no memory issue then I have no idea what's…
  • Oh okay... so the navigator won't give you the warning alarm if the camera box is empty (no actual camera inside)? If so, that would explain it... 'cause it's a fact that not all of them are fitted with camera inside. Interesting...
  • Thanks for the comment. All the settings you noted are already correct except the warning type "read allowed". I've always used just the "warning sound". The issue is that navigator don't warn me with warning sound always. With some speed cameras I'll get all the other warning signs visually but lacks the warning sound.…
  • These are all fixed cameras. There's a mix of old and new type so called super-cameras. The problem lies with the old ones. Just few of them works properly with sound. Other ones lacks the sound. Here's one example when navigator shows warning image but no sound: N:65o 0' 31.12" E:25o 31' 38.45"
  • No change. So I did the fact. reset and updated for the latest sw. I also updated the speed camera bit. No change. Still don't get the alarms when approaching old type "square-box" cameras. I can see them on the map. Just the alarm lacks. Still works just fine with the newer type slim cameras.
  • Yeah I think that the issue came up after updating sw in july...