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  • Hi , yesterday my map 1030 updating process on NB1 SD 8GB is correctly finished without any issues. Thanks !
  • (Quote) Hi @VikramK, thank you for your setup : at last my map 1025 updating process on NB1 SD 8GB is correctly finished without any issues. I saw my Europe 1025 downloading process lasted 25min instead of 45min as before your setup. Perhaps due t…
  • Hello, to solve definitively this problem and complete updating map 1025 , I had to do : - installing and updating ONLY Europe Map 1025 ZONE 5 on my old SD 4GB - instead of using my SD 8GB, always used without problems on my Mazda NB1 Live for 6 …
  • (Quote) @YamFazMan Thanks a lot for your info. I 've already read in other post on the Forum what you has written above and I've already tried to do that : fine. BUT I wonder it's right that now : -It is impossible modify TOOLS Advanced Preferenc…
  • @DougLap @Lucify @VikramK thanks a lot for your generic Tips as: " about SD Card", "Delete the TomTom Download folder", etc. As you can read in my above posts, I have already tried also to updating on another WS7 PC with a brand…
  • (Quote) Thank you for your tips above, BUT but TomTom RED warning went out again during these NEW following attempts to updating map 1025 : - using another PC WS7 32bit where I've installed PREV version TomTom Home ( with NEW SD Card 16…
  • (Quote) I've done what you suggest above, but nothing new : during a new attempt to update map 1025, TomTom Home RED warning went out again. Thanks for any help.
  • @VikramK Hallo, thank you very much for deleting my pdf ...after uploaded it , I would delete it but it was not allowed). Today I've reinstalled TomTom Home last version and I've tried again updating ONLY 5 speed-cameras and mapshare : a…
  • @Niall Thanks for your info. In attach you can see 2 pages with my third attemp updating info page 1 Tom Tom Home has fully downloaded new version Europa map and several speed cameras page 2 Than TomTom Home had to copy Europa file to my SD Card,…
  • Hi, today I've started updating map to 10.25 using TomTom Home last version. All went fine until it has full unloaded and written Europe map in TomTomHome folder on my PC. Then appears a TomTom Home warning saying "Europe.zip file is not corre…