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  • If I unplug the TomTom from the PC, and hold down the button til I get the "drumroll", it then displays the "rotating cog" for a few seconds, then displays the image of the device needing to be plugged in to the PC. I have also …
  • Still going as of this morning! Any ideas?
  • OK, I have left the TomTom 820 connected to my Windows 7 PC for several days now, and the Mydrive Connect software and the Tomtom keep interacting and the PC software keeps restarting and displaying messages saying "restoring your device" …
  • So far, the Mydrive Connect application keeps restarting and displaying various messages saying "Please leave your device connected" and "Restoring your device". I will now leave it plugged in to this PC overnight with the applic…
  • OK, thanks, this was enabled on both my Win10 and Win7 PCs, so I have now disabled it. I am going to retry on the Win7 PC on the basis that at least that machine responded when I connected the TomTom.
  • I have now tried something else: I found the one remaining PC in our office that still runs Windows 7, and installed Mydrive Connect on it. I then connected the Tomtom 820 to it, and it "recognises" the USB device. Then Mydrive Connect kep…
  • Thanks for the replies! My GO 820 LIVE has serial number FT6382K00285. Does this help at all? I have turned it on, and connected it to my PC. It does not show up in Control Panel / Device Manager. An obvious "clue" is that I do not eve…
  • Hi Doug, thanks for the reply. However, you are wrong about the 820 using the old Tomtom "Home" program. It doesn't, it uses Mydrive Connect. Your link confirms this: Your device is a TomTom GO LIVE 820 with 2GB memory and it updates thro…
  • By the way, I also have a newer "Start 42" and that will connect using the same USB lead and the Mydrive software, which rules those things out as being the problem.