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  • Finally got it fixed!! I tried the number for the Spanish support but they could not help much because of the language problems. they gave me the uk number which was incorrect. I found the uk number on google and rang them. I spoke to someone there who was very patient and helpful. after about 45 min on the phone he…
  • Ok thanks for your help Phil
  • Hi I don't have the Bluetooth connected on my phone and I never have nor the WIFI. the camera alerts used to work without them turned on my data on the phone Is very limited here in Spain an the battery life with Bluetooth turned on is very quickly exhausted. I will of course try that to see if that is the cause but as I…
  • Hi Douglap Yes I do have Serena voice selected and I have tried using "read aloud selected but it is still the same. I am getting all my directions as normal but I don't see any camera icons on the screen. Since the problem started when it updates it only updates maps and community updates never speed cameras Phil
  • I still cannot get the speed camera alerts to work I have done a full reset deleted all of my POI's on the computer my drive. deleted and reloaded the Western Europe map when I check on the Settings/Help/about It states that speed camera updates are activated and that I automatically receive updates and that I do have a…
  • Thanks DougLap I have installed the small map as suggested and deleted the wester Europe map then done a factory reset But when the device reboots the POI and favourites are still there. It seems like I am not doing the reset properly. Phil
  • Hi I am still having problems I have gone to settings and reset my tomtom to factory settings I had the warning that all data would be lost when the process was finished I still had my maps and my places etc how can I do a reset that will completely set it back to factory so I can reinstall my maps and speed camera…
  • After accidentally deleting my European map and then re-installing I have lost my speed camera warnings. How do I re-install the camera warnings? the Go620 wifi is less than 12 months old and the subscription should still be current
  • Hi WhiteSaphire Thanks for your reply. I think that you are probably right that the speed camera updates would have been deleted, but as the unit is still less than 1 year old then I assume that my camera alerts would still be in date. I just am unable to download them or find out who to contact to get them re-installed…
  • hello all I still cannot get the speed camera alerts to work on my device I accidently deleted the wester Europe maps when trying to switch to the uk map. I downloaded the Europe map and reinstalled it again with no problem. However, I now cannot get the speed camera alerts to work. the go 620 was bought in Spain in May…
  • thanks I have tried that but I will try again and see if it helps
  • Thank you Vikram it is all working now Regards Phil:grinning:
  • Hi Thanks for your reply. My tomtom is the world version and I assumed that I would be able to use the voice control as this was one of the main reasons for the upgrade. I will try to contact customer support. Thanks again Filter fil